Author Topic: General Integration Tips please?  (Read 69 times)

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General Integration Tips please?
« on: July 01, 2021, 06:11:21 AM »
Hello :)
I am new to this forum, and cannot seem to locate the "T.O.A.D." document that is referenced? Would greatly appreciate if someone could explain where to find that.
In the meantime, I am really hoping for your best integration tips, as I am feeling pretty alone in that right now.
Am currently 2 weeks post retreat, where I experienced 4 full Bufo ceremonies, 2 microdoses, 3 Kambo sessions and 1 Samadhi ceremony, plus night after night of reactivations for about a week and a half.
Was lucky enough to have a week near the ocean before returning home, where I am also in the midst of starting my next chapter. Just resigned from 16 years of teaching to follow my soul purpose and open a business.
So I think the circumstances are contributing, as well as some over-thinking, but yeah....
the things I have felt and experienced...
well, I am just feeling all sorts of things.
Confusion, unsettled, well as trust, love, light, knowing....
it's pretty up and down...
which is why I know I need more integration focus...
I have been meditating daily, grounding breathwork, listening to my body...
I go back and forth between wanting to 'relive' the experience via reading my journal, listening to the music, etc. and not.
Any thoughts or general advice would be most welcome  _/|\_