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holy shit, that was the coolest thing I've read in a long time!  ^-^
You are quite adept at explaining the ineffable, Rising Spirit!
I thoroughly enjoyed reading that; thank you for that detailed explanation of your experiences with 5-meo-dmt.
Reading your post, halfway through, made me want to leave the computer and go meditate!
What you mention about experiencing kundalini rising rapidly up the spine and exploding at the crown, I have also felt but through smoked Salvia Divinorum.
It was just regular leaves, not an extract; I am very sensitive to entheogenic substances.
That being said, I just recently acquired 250 milligram of 5-meo-dmt and am very hesitant about using it.
But reading your post has given me the reassurance that I need to proceed, knowing that everything will be alright.
Your account of the 5-meo-dmt experience is both intelligent and poetic, I admire you; as a writer and poet I strive to explain things as well as I can, although I usually fall short.
Thanks again for this wonderful experience report, I feel a little more confident in going ahead with these experiments now.  ;)
Introductions/Newbies / Re: I'm the vagina guy!
January 27, 2019, 08:30:31 PM
I don't respect Leo Gura.

He describes 5-meo-dmt as "The magic pill to enlightenment and God" (in his own words).

He also elsewhere states that he has "had several samadhi [ultimate enlightenment] experiences" and that none of them come close to the 5-meo-dmt experience.

I think that he is both full of himself and full of shit, blindly promoting an agenda, and knows nothing of enlightenment.

Is that really you?

no way!

This is an old friend of yours from the forums from a long time ago!

Be well
Dear Infinite Spirit,

Thanks for your kind words and reply.
The Glass Vapor Genie I once considered buying, but after looking at it in detail on the website and reading the instructions I felt a little intimidated to use it.
It seemed rather complicated to me, and I don't want to accidentally burn the screen inside which the creators of the GVG say to not let the flame touch.
I am afraid that I might accidentally touch the flame to that piece and ruin the GVG which is a bit expensive and seems quite delicate.
Have you also seen the Vapor Genie glass bat?
I thought that might be a better option for me, but again, there are several pieces to it and one must vaporize the material correctly otherwise run the risk of losing precious 5-meo-dmt and also damaging the device.
In my experience I have realized that by creating an enhanced leaf smoking blend at a strong ratio (1:1 peppermint leaf to DMT for dmt-enhanced leaf; and 3:1 peppermint leaf to 5-meo-dmt for 5-meo-dmt-enhanced leaf), one can experience powerful effects from smoking just a small pinch of the enhanced leaf blend from a normal pipe or bong with a regular bic lighter.
I actually thought of blending the 5-meo-dmt-enhanced leaf smoking mixture at a ratio of 1:1 as well, but then decided against it, thinking that it might be a little to strong.
One reason I convert the alkaloids into a smoking mixture is because I have a difficult time with vaporizing substances with a torch lighter and a oil burner pipe (meth pipe).
With the smoking blend all one has to do is just light it with a bic lighter and inhale the smoke from a pipe or bong.
But if this GVG works as well as you have found that it does, maybe I should consider getting one for 5-meo-dmt?
Do you think that would be better than messing around with an oil burner pipe (meth pipe), or going through the trouble of making enhanced leaf smoking blends?
Thanks again for your input.
Introductions/Newbies / Re: Breakthrough
February 08, 2018, 11:20:05 AM

So, what I gather from your post is that you have not experienced a breakthrough with 5-meo-dmt.
The title of your post is called: "Breakthrough."
But your post is about other entheogenic drug experiences, buddhist literature, and advaita philosophy.
You mention having one experience with 5-meo-dmt but not having the breakthrough experience with it that you sought.
In my humble opinion the title of your post is rather misleading.

Introductions/Newbies / Re: Greetings
January 24, 2018, 11:02:07 AM
Hey Carpedmt how have you been man?

Introductions/Newbies / Re: Namaste
January 20, 2018, 01:09:29 PM
Why did the post I made in this topic get deleted???
It was the first reply to natureyogi, before humblevoyager replied.
I retrieved my 5-meo-dmt enhanced leaf blend from my friend earlier today.
There is still a good amount of it left.
What I think that I am going to do is have one more light-dose experience, and then following that experience (whenever that might be) I will go for the full-release dosage.
I'm really looking forward to trying this again, I even bought a new downstem/slide for my bong strictly for 5-meo use, I'm just not sure when I should try again.
What worries me slightly is that I might accidentally take too much when I am only looking for a lighter experience, and then it would come on full-force and I might try to fight it and be unwilling or unable at the moment to surrender fully to it.
Has anyone else faced this potential problem?
Thanks for your help.
Thank you Infinite Spirit for sharing this beautiful account of your recent 5-meo-dmt experience.
I too feel that it is a very sacred entheogen indeed, especially after my first and only experience with it.
Do you think that it is possible to speed up one's spiritual evolution and growth, development, and healing process as a human by ingesting 5-meo-dmt regularly, and in a sacred manner?
I am beginning to think that at low doses (which is the type of dose I took) it can be a great catalyst for deep meditation.
I have yet to exceed the 5 milligram mark.
I realize that in larger doses it can bestow very powerful and profound spiritual experiences and transformation.
I made an enhanced leaf blend with the remainder of my 5-meo-dmt which is intended to be smoked through a bong.
I've read that some people vaporize enhanced leaf blends, but I would rather just smoke it as is from a nice glass bong with some water in it, I think just one large inhalation will do it.
Thanks again for your wonderful account.
General Discussion / Friend likes 5-meo-dmt too much
January 18, 2018, 08:03:21 AM
As the title suggests, I have a friend who likes 5-meo-dmt too much.  :(
I made an enhanced leaf with all of the remaining 5-meo-dmt that I had after I tried it just once in its purest form from an oil burner pipe.
I never even had a chance to try the enhanced leaf blend I put together and now there is hardly any left.
My friend who was so adamantly against 5-meo-dmt asked me if he could try some, so I brought some enhanced leaf blend to his house.
He smoked a nice pinch of it and immediately loved it, and seemed to be gone somewhere for a half an hour, the whole while exclaiming how great it is.
And as soon as he came down from it, he requested to ingest more, and wouldn't leave me alone about it, so I packed another pinch of enhanced leaf in my pipe and he smoked some more.
Again the same reaction as the initial experience with it, from zero to completely elevated within seconds, and laughing like a madman.
Then he asked me to give him more, just enough to "send him home."
This friend is known to have an addictive personality, but I could not see him ever getting addicted to 5-meo-dmt prior to yesterday; now I know that anything is possible.
But I think that it is more of a psychological addiction.
As soon as I get a hold of him I'm going to take back my smoking mixture which I left at his house, I only had a very limited amount of this and it was perhaps foolish of me to bring it all over to his house yesterday.
The smoking blend is mixed at a good ratio of peppermint leaf to 5-meo-dmt, but I personally think that I prefer to keep and use it in its "natural" form as just pure 5-meo-dmt.
If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should about my friend who is addicted to tripping that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone.
Quote from: HumbleVoyager on January 13, 2018, 01:44:04 PM
I agree, synthetic is the way to go.

However, I feel that Dr. Gerry is a hypocrite in that he says toad populations are being decimated yet he continues to harvest venom from the toads. It's a situation of do as I say not as I do. I don't see him leading by example and that's poor form.

As for the "reserve", that's ridiculous. No reserve would be necessary if the toads were left alone and it were illegal for ALL people to harvest toad venom. The idea of a reserve is just a way to have unlimited toad venom in one's back yard.

Shy Violet wrote a really good post on the topic of toad extinction in the Ethics and Ecology section, well worth checking out:,50443.0.html

This is disturbing to say the least, and is most certainly disappointing for me.
I was convinced that Dr. G as he calls himself was a very honest and straightforward guy, and that the work he is doing with a bufo ranch was out of the goodness of his being, in order to ensure that bufo alvarius populations rise again and that the toads thrive and survive and live in abundant populations.
It's also disappointing because I was planning on going to see him for the longest time, ever since I first heard of him and his work, even though he lives quite a distance from me.
Soon he will be visiting close to where I live, and I planned on visiting him there for 5-meo-dmt ceremonies.
He seemed authentic to me; maybe I am just not a very good judge of character?
Science / Re: 5-MeO-DMT in Phalaris grass species
January 13, 2018, 05:20:10 PM
"Virola has sufficient quantities of n-n-DMT as well, so how would one go about separating the two without complex lab equipment or procedure ?"

Hi again Flux, quoting you again above.
Virola Calophyla has high quantities of n,n-dmt, but as far as Virola Theiodora goes, the majority of alkaloid concentration is of 5-meo-dmt, with only very minimal amounts of n,n-dmt.
Science / Re: 5-MeO-DMT in Phalaris grass species
January 13, 2018, 03:34:40 PM
I am clearly not speaking for Jamie, but if you don't mind humblevoyager, I would like to mention here that I think a good source of 5-meo-dmt apart from phalaris grasses and toad venom might be the resin of the Virola theidora bark.
I understand that much of the Virola theirdora bark resin sold online is quite often completely inactive, for whatever reasons that might be.
But if one can find a reliable and trustworthy source of this bark resin, then I would most certainly recommend this to others.
The resin can contain an average of 8% 5-meo-dmt by weight, and performing an extraction on it is quite simple and cheap, and one does not need to gather all sorts of equipment or caustic chemicals which is involved in extracting n,n-dmt freebase from Mimosa or Acacia.
Just my two cents.

You're welcome, thanks for reading it  :)

Compared to vaporizing freebase n,n-dmt, vaporizing the salt form of 5-meo-dmt was a bit trickier.
It seemed to take longer to vaporize it, as it has a significantly higher vaporization temperature than freebase dmt or 5-meo-dmt.
This was my first experience with 5-meo-dmt, but it was overall pretty good I think.
And from what I've read, apparently only the HCL salt form of 5-meo-dmt can be vaporized as far as tryptamines go.
In other words, the salt forms of n,n-dmt, dpt, or 4-aco-dmt cannot be vaporized.
I wonder why that is.
There's still a little left inside of my pipe which I will try to vape before I add more to it.
I'm still kind of scared to take a larger dose though, because I realize that once it has been inhaled, there is no turning back.

Re-activations / Re-activations from just 4 milligrams
January 06, 2018, 01:42:30 PM

I recently tried 5-meo-dmt for the first time three days ago.
I only vaporized approximately 4 milligrams but had a great time.
There was some initial fear, but as soon as I mentally decided to not try and fight the experience but rather welcome it fully, I became completely relaxed and had a deep meditative session.
It lasted for about half an hour.
Later that day I randomly just began feeling mild effects of 5-meo-dmt out of nowhere.
And the following day, when I was sitting in my room for meditation, I suddenly felt as if my brain became activated and I had a very profound meditation in which it seemed as if my brain was being flooded with small amounts of 5-meo-dmt.
I'm going to try meditation again today, and see if a similar thing occurs.
I really enjoy 5-meo-dmt in lower dosages like the one I took, it is very conducive for meditation in my experience.
I have yet to take the higher end, ego-shattering dosages that people often speak about.
As a catalyst for meditation I have found it is wonderful at lower doses, so I can only speculate that large inhalations of high doses held in deeply could create enlightenment-like states of being.
I can't wait to try 5-meo-dmt again, and I think that I may try a slightly higher dose, around 10 milligrams maybe.
Also I have been thinking heavily of making an enhanced leaf with the 5-meo-dmt, similar to how one would prepare n,n-dmt enhanced leaf, except with 5-meo-dmt instead, and omitting the use of MAOI's.
The 5-meo-dmt has also helped me to quit drinking alcohol; I no longer feel the urge to consume alcohol.
This is something that I've wanted to do with an experienced shaman, but since I cannot locate one and it is too far for me to travel to have just one or two experiences with 5-meo-dmt, along with the fact that I already have plenty of 5-meo-dmt, I figured that I will begin exploration with this by myself.
Thanks for reading.