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5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Trip no.1 (5mg vaped)
« on: June 04, 2019, 09:17:48 AM »
Alright so I just tried it after morning yoga for the first time.
  I wanted to get a feel for the effect so I put about 1mg in my vaporizer and smoked it sitting on my bed in semi-god yogic posture (forgot the name but cross legged at the feet with a wide stance)    All I felt was a bit of clarity, I felt like I saw more details but nothing much, so I went and put about 2mg more and smoked it laying in my bed.  No noticeable effect yet.
This is where I went and dropped like 5mg (probably more like 4mg) attached the bong to my vape to see the vapor cause I felt the 2mg produced none.

Thick white vapor filled my bong and I took it.

I leave bong in kitchen and go to my room as I start feeling this stuff like never before. I see all the pattern on my bed and the contrast is boosted the fuck up.

I'm trying just to stand and align my body with mountain posture but I was totally overwhelmed by the body load. So I jumped on my bed and tried to get confortable which proved quite impossible. After some rolling/turning and having this feeling of what the fuck is happening fuck!!! Hahahaha, I truly felt like laying in corpse pose would stabilize me and feel good but I needed a ground.

So I moved to the kitchen and tried a bit of mountain pose still feeling overwhelmed and felt like laying down.
So I laid in corpse pose on the ground and finally I felt quite great, but nothing much was happening at this point.

I tried sitting again in semi-god pose then indian pose and then I went for lotus but the voice of bks inyegar in my head was telling me I would hurt myself If I tried. (still a bit injured in legs and my flexibility is still quite bad)

At this point I stood up and the time was 11:00. About 25minutes passed.

Introductions/Newbies / Hi
« on: June 03, 2019, 12:06:08 PM »
Iammeasgod here,
27yo male living in Canada working mainly on

I aquired some 5meodmt (received 3 days ago)  that I have yet to try (probably tonight I'll try it).

Reason for not trying sooner : I wad  injured and I couldn't sit with a good posture on the ground, and I really wanna stay balanced and rooted and not roll on the floor screaming and all that stuff I seen on youtube.

Done lot of lsd, mushroom, 4aco, 4ho and stuff like that. Never in really high dose.

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