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Just a couple of thoughts here regarding body temperature whilst taking 5-meo-dmt. Much of this I feel applies also to dmt but perhaps it's even more pertinent to 5 as this seems to have a greater body load and also renders the taker less capable of moving or changing her/his environment after administration.

I tend to reduce the clothing I'm wearing to an absolute minimum immediately before administration. So this might be briefs only in a room that is at 21 degrees C (70 degrees F). I'm also aware that the anxiety that I usually feel before consuming the substance in any case tends to make me feel overheated. I've noticed that I can feel uncomfortably hot when entering the experience both with dmt and 5-meo and that this discomfort can make for an unpleasant ride sometimes so anything that reduces this is ideal. I'll often exit the experience with perspiration on my forehead even though in general I'm the type of person who sweats very little.

However immediately following the experience, body temperature drops rapidly so it's important to have some easily donnable clothing right next to you that you can slip on. I've even gone so far as to have an electric blanket that I can lie back on - which in that situation feels totally divine by the way. If you're taking 5 outside, especially at low temperatures, it's really important to have something warm to wrap yourself up in afterwards!
I should point out first that the following experience occurred in a country where the consumption of 5-meo is legal. I have tried not to wax lyrical about the deeper meaning of the experience, just give the details of what happened in a more or less scientific manner.

I had never really considered this as a ROA but I had a bad cold and sore throat and I didn't fancy vaping anything which might make my throat more uncomfortable. I measured out 5 mg of 5-meo using an accurate milligram scale and added 1 ml of warm water from a syringe and stirred. Once it was dissolved, I sucked the resultant solution back into the syringe. I lay on the bed face down, administered it and lay in that position for about two minutes. There was almost no effect at that point and I generally expected that there it would be none (especially after reading a report on here of someone plugging much, much larger doses with no effect).

I waited another 2 minutes and started to feel the unmistakable onset of a 5-meo experience. However the onset was much gentler than when vaped, just a gradual easing into it. Over the next 2 minutes the experience came on considerably stronger. At that point I would compare the overall effect as similar to when I have vaped 10-11 mg. The relatively slow build up, I felt, gave me more time to surrender to what was happening and reassure myself that the place I was entering was wholly natural and not to be fought in any way.

I have no idea about the following minutes but for the whiteness and singularity of the experience, a true knowing of what is. As I came out of it I opened my eyes and saw a small spider making its way across the ceiling. I felt the return of some of the physical and mental discomfort I had had before taking the substance. With sweeping hand gestures I tried to free my head and body of these. Another 2 minutes later and I was pretty back to normal. I saw from the clock that the whiteout part of the experience had lasted around 12 minutes, maybe a little less. I lay there for another few minutes and then had no problem getting up and carrying out a few basic tasks.

I will really consider this ROA as a possibility in the future. The slow onset does give some possible advantages over the incredibly fast onset that's usual with vaping. There was a nice handover from intellectual, ego based concern to surrender to ego loss that sort of gets bypassed when the transition happens in just 15 or 20 seconds.
Law / Lore / Retreat Center in Mexico
August 18, 2017, 05:27:44 AM
For quite a while now I've had the idea of setting up a retreat center in Mexico which would employ 5-meo, and possibly other entheogens, as a mode of healing as well as understanding the non dual nature of reality. There are a number of centers in Mexico, such as those offering ibogaine for additions, which are run on a medical basis often with US or Mexican doctors (which I'm definitely not).

I can see in the legal status list in this forum it's showing up as "legal" in Mexico. I have tried to check this out and, despite being a Spanish speaker and having a familiarity with legislation, I haven't come up with anything conclusive on this.

I'd be grateful if anyone can point me to the exact words in the Mexican legislation  :)

Also, if anyone is interested in this project in whatever capacity, feel free to contact me!
My heart felt gratitude to you for starting this forum - there's a real need for it. The DMT Nexus is a fantastic place full of useful information and great conversations but of course 5-meo has only been a small sideline of the Nexus and I have at times felt something of an antipathy between phychonauts experimenting with dmt and those experimenting with 5-meo.

I discovered 5-meo about 18 months ago and have done a fair bit of work with it. I think it maybe not only has the potential to enlighten an individual but possibly the whole planet in due course. For my own purposes I only experiment with these medicines to gain a deeper understanding of non-dualism, truth, our true nature, that which is (given up trying to put words to that no thing  ;D ).

I really look forward to seeing what comes out of this forum and happy to share my own thoughts and experiences.

Now to find my Nexus avatar  ;D