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Hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism.
That's all I know! these 3 women doesn't know each other, they told me that their thyroid gland got better after smoking.
Hi! I've been sharing the medicine for 3 years now, and 3 women who came with thyroid gland issues, told me that after smoking the toad's venom, they got cured frome their health conditions.
Does anyone know anything about somthing like this!?
Hi Alchemystic, I've been so much better. I stopped smoking pot for months, now I can smoke peacefully again ;D . Im doing this excercise in which everytime I feel the anxiety coming, I recognize it and confront the thing that's making me anxious or afraid and simply feel it so it won't turn into a panic attack. It's like a wave, you have to learn how to recognize it so you can avoid riding it. Just being able to see it and letting it go without dragging you. I still have nightmares, but now I write down my dreams and use them as a guide for solving daily matters. Night meditation is a must. I found lots of help in swimming too, heavy breathing excersices, herbal oils (lavender specially), and come back to earth meditations wherever I am.
[/size]But what I think helped me the most are the books I've read along these months, they gave me lots of aswers and therefore peace.
[/size]Here are some of them, you might find them on pdf to download or you can get them from Amazon.
[/size]The important thing for you to acknowledge is that you are passing through this kind of situation for some reason, embrace your shadows, dive into your deepest thoughts and surrender.

[/size]Life beyond death (This one is my fav) - Yogi Ramacharaka
[/size]Karma - Annie Besant
[/size]Dharma - Annie Besant
[/size]The toad and the jaguar - Ralph Metzner
[/size]Hope you find your peace,

I'm certainly much more sensitive to everything; feelings, sensations, people vibes, thoughts. Maybe canalizing the anxiety into physicall movement will help. Thanks  <3 _/|\_
Hi! after my last toad session, I've experienced some kind of panic attacks, this is new to me, in the past I'd never experience one. I meditate daily, I make breathing exercises, I try to be positive and focus on artistic activities or reading, but nothing seems to truly relief this feeling. Most of all while dreaming, nightmares wake me up at the middle of the night. Can you tell me what can I do? thanks in advance.
Let's share the love  <3