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In light of some solid conversation currently occurring online on various toad threads in relation to perceived lack of duty of care by Practitioners, I came up with the following idea/proposal. To help address some issues around safe operations of practitioners I had a thought that we, the 5, Toad community could draft some agreements, a code of conduct, that we ask practitioners to agree with before a session. They want us to sign forms so let's ask them to sign an agreement, or they could just register on a page or site somewhere. Or if the Practitioner did not want to be publicly recognised you could just ask: Do you agree with the "Practitioners Code of Conduct" that could be publicised at different Toad sites. If they don't then people have a reason to question this persons practice. Feel free to add to the list and comment.
1 That they will not do anything without our consent.
2 That they will be attentive to our needs till we feel done.
3 That they only intervene when really nessecary or with prior agreement.
4 That someone is present that is qualified in first aid and CPR.
5 That they don't pour water in your mouth or use any electrical devices without your consent.
6 That adequate integration is offered or a least contacts if there is any follow up integration issues.
7 That ceremony is conducted in a private safe setting. Etc.

This topic is of utmost importance. Thank you for starting this conversation Migdaloo. I hope that as a community we can come together to determine what Code or Conduct should be universally followed.

Acasta Gneiss:
Yes, needed and timely.
I have been concerned with the ethical issues involved with the entire psychedelic therapy thing for some time. Because this is new territory,being forged by pioneers working without the benefit of legal sanction or recognition, there are some very special practical concerns that would not arise with any other treatment. These are serious considerations,and with the exponentially increasing interest and acceptance of the route, and 5 in particular, it is the communities responsibility to self police and regulate poor, unethical and dangerous behavior both for all of our sake and for those coming into this with no prior knowledge or experience with illegal drugs or psychedelic, or the types of personalities involved .

I just watched the vice video. In relation to this topic, what if one has locked into and bought and paid for a ceremony after searching long and hard for such an opportunity, and the singular lifetime event were to be held on a sand and boulder strewn creek bed,near running water more than six inches deep? Is this what people must accept as a safe setting? How does one demand an actual safe space, near facilities if needed and free of dangerous obstacles when the whole thing is underground and we are at the mercy of whoever decides to be a practitioner?
I'd like to see guidelines for companion/observers, with stresses on medical CPR training, how to identify real crisis as opposed to real psychological release, along with guidance on preparation and post integration, as well as tips on obtaining synthetic to create less of a reliance on "practitioners".

currently having a discussion about a practitioners style on the Toad and 5 Meo DMT Testimonials site. Heres part of what I posted..... I made a suggestion on another post that I, or someone, could organise a global internet tele conference with some of the main players to discuss some main issues that could also have input from viewers. More on this to come Im sure.[/size]I have mentioned before I have had 4 sessions with this practitioner and found his facilitation both powerful and revolutionary. That said there are some processes I do not agree with and if I was to do a ceremony with with this practitioner I would state them clearly. Such as, do not put water in my mouth unless I have stopped breathing for at least 30 seconds, I don't want rap~e unless I'm really stuck and under NO circumstances are you to use your electric zapper on me. Then I would do ceremony with this practitioner in a heart beat knowing my needs were respected. Anyone can do this and I encourage people to read the piece I wrote in the file section above on “Choosing a Practitioner” and take any action required. [/font]
[/color][/size]I am glad that I have come to a stage with the medicine that I now just sit with my partner and we manage our own set, setting, style and integration. I love doing it in deep nature and shallow water, with the longer, say, one hour style, of slow integration, then a relaxing day or two out of the matrix afterwards.[/font]
[/color][/size]On the Zapper, this practitioner has made an apology to the person in the video that he wasn't warned about this option before using it on him and he will in the future alway check for consent before using any tools in his shamanic tool box. I understand people can amend the consent form to suit the initiates needs. This practitioner is a hard task master and not for everyone. In fact the Toad is an even harder task master and definitely not for everyone. There is no rush to have toad and no shame to say it's not for me and wise to do your research before hand. [/font]
[/color][/size]One positive thing to come out of all this is it appears a “Practitioners Code” is in the wind. I have put a few points down to get the ball rolling in a previous post and there will be loads more discussion and work on this Im sure.[/font]
[/color][/size]I trust that our teething issues will be resolved and we as a new community will come of age and hold this special amazing frequency in balance and reverence and inspire the change we need in this world. [/font]
[/color][/size]I bow to all those who walk this path with this medicine
and trust the gifts offered by Toad and this molecule will find their home. Aho ![/font]

Hello 5 Family!  I promised myself (and my editors) that I would not let this site eat my head until after I finish the ayahuasca essay that I’ve been working on for over a year now. I kinda got spooked when I found out how many people actually read my Teatime essays on Erowid, and now I’m sort of paralyzed by my fear of valencing people’s perceptions about something that I’m still trying to sort out for myself.  I was real sick and I went to the Amazon and hit it up pretty hard for a few weeks and I got better. I had quite a number of the kinds of experiences that are widely reported, but which are still rather shocking when they actually happen to you personally. I am profoundly uncertain about how to interpret them, and I’m afraid of muddying the meme pool with my extremely tentative conclusions no matter how thoroughly I qualify the heck out of everything. So I’ve been stuck for a while. I promise that I’ll so be coming on here just as soon as I figure out what I want to say about my time in the jungle. It’s teally long overdue.

I wanted to leave a message for you all on this thread, though.  I know that best practices for facilitators is a topic that has been hotly debated of late. Here is the best recording of my much considered opinion on this matter. It’s a sort of prosetic performance piece called Carrying the Light that I originally presented at the Exploring Psychedelics conference in Ashland this year.

For your consideration and amusement:

It’s sort of a sequel to Mapping the Source, which I performed at Exploring Psychedelics in 2016. Its already up on this site somewhere else. But this is the best audio version:



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