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I just wanted to suggest an "ACTIVE TOPICS" page like they have over at the nexus. Maybe I am just used to that format, but it strikes me as very useful to be able to see what has been posted, and in what sub forum, at a glance.


Thanks JBArk -I like this idea as I use it a lot at the Nexus too :)
Humble Voyager, thoughts ?

Yes, I agree this would be a great addition. I will work on finding a way to incorporate that into the site! Slammed with other projects at the moment but I will definitely put this on the list. Thank you for this feedback JBark!

What do you think about the Unread Topics and Unread Replies buttons that we now have?

Yes - that looks great, a good way to make sure topics and replies are not missed. I still find the sizing/layout quite difficult to fully engage with on my phone.


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