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Hi!I hope you are all doing well.

I have been experimenting with several kind of psychedelics over a few years now; lots of trials and errors. More than 3/4 of these experiences were done alone, more by obligation than choice.
For the most part it was oriented towards self-discovery and to experience a different perspective on my life and what is surrounding me. A fair bit of those experiences were in nature and some were inside at home. Sometimes it was for recreation  and sometimes for escaping. I never had a bad trip (some I wish would have been shorter though haha) and I always tried to get something out of my separate reality experience (more focus, more clarity on some questions, some sort of a reset and of course a good time with myself). I am grateful to myself that I had the curiosity and the guts to try all those different states of mind and walk those different paths, for it is really a special experience.

Now I am finding myself at a point where I still enjoy those experiences but I don't seem to get any further, self-development wise, anymore and it is now more oriented towards recreation. I do have to add that those trips are well spaced from each others and they don't interfere with my life in general. Sometime it can be in the way for I have to make time for those experiences but it is not a nuisance to myself or others at the moment. I also have to add that I don't do a great effort with integration. I do reflect and dissect before, during and after my trips but not in a formal integration session (journaling).Those experiences are positives and I am grateful each time I make time for them. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with any AH!-Ah! moments anymore, or not as much or as profound.

My goal with psychedelics is to experience and enjoy the world with different eyes to eventually make some adjustments in my life and have some fun along the way; it seems like the changes are slow in coming.

I am wondering if some of you folks experience more or less the same situation.
Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to read all the info on this platform!

Have a great day!


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