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Hi everyone,

Yesterday evening I knew why 5 is called the ruthless beast!

I prepared a new solution of 5, 44mgs 5 in 2 ml distilled water, different from the last time I applied a bit of fire and all the substance was diluted, then i

filtered through cotton. I took 3,5 units of the 1 ml syringe that is 7,7 mgs and injected it subcutaneous...

After 5 minutes or so the effects began to come up gradually and I began to get a bit scared more and more, some anguish and weeping and then "White

out". The difference with the smoke is that the ego here has time to resist until is overpowered by the jaguar 5.

After the storm the calm,there was some cold sweating. 1 hour later I was back to base line and I stayed lying 1 hour more listening to music.

Now I know the ruthless beast. After this I think I will work with lower doses, 3, 4, or 5 mgs until finding one convenient.

All the best. Celestino


Hi there,

Yesterday evening it was my second immersion, 7.5 mg 5HCL. No loss of consciousness, though it as a very special kind of conciousness, no walls to hang

my clothes on!, very exquisite to me! what a wonder this molecule! smooth, very, very smooth experience, I would advice this roa to everyone for its

easyness. I was back to base line after 1.15 hours more or less

I have to say that I prepared 1 ml water and 25mg 5, then through a micron filter, but I got only o.5 ml, the other 0.5 sucked by the filter! :( any


All the best. Celestino

thank you rising spirit.

All the best


I would like to add to this experience that I think I contacted somehow my higher self and he was cheerful and very clear about spiritual matters. I guess the

cheerfulnes comes from his clarity, well, this is celestino the lower, guessing! the wonders of celestinos!

All the best.

hi every one,

This evening I had my first experience with 5 mg ,5 salt, subcutaneous. The experience was like a kind of high quality meditation, slightly psychedelic, 20

minutes duration, very smooth coming up, I was present all the time. This is a very interesting roa in my opinión. I am planning to raise the dose 1 mg at a

time until 10mg which I have read is the máximum advised with this roa.

I have to say that it did not disolve well, I stirred a while and something remained in the end. would it disolve the whole thing if I heated the mixture?

any answers welcome.

Thank you 5 and the people facilitating it. All the best. Celestino

Hi Risingspirit,

my first and most illuminating experience with the sapito was,"NO WORDS, I JUST DISSAPEARED", no god, creator, light, self or whatever and the beauty of

this was that "WORDS DID NOT MATTER AT ALL!" Of course once back we live in the world of words.

One day as I was sitting in meditation the word Vedanta came to me, the end of the Word!!

As for the second part of your reply 100% agreed.

Perhaps the sapito is showing what lies at the end (begining of real spititual life?!) of the spiritual practices, kind of a foretaste of the pie that is waiting for

us! it may be ok for eager souls such as myself, the ectasy and then the laundry!

All the best and thank you for your reply. Celestino

Wise words, thank you.

hi everyone,

I just forgot to tell that a small miracle has happened, "I have stopped biting my nails after 60 odd years without any volition or intention on my part, one day

I realised that I was not doing it anymore!

The wonder of the unknokwn!  all the best. celestino

hi everyone, it is being 6 months I am exploring 5 and the wonder toad and I am begining to question the value of peak experiences, after having them I am back to position 1, the old dear and sometimes despised celestino, I see no transformation at all and I remenber traditional spiritual teachers saying, "there are no shortcuts in spiritual life". A peak experience comes and goes and I think it is better a "valley experience" which is myself all the time, always avalaible, at any time, with no substances involved, just following the natural way of meditation and the like, as someone said, "as many faiths, so many paths".

all the best. celestino

thank you for sharing. all the best

thank you  physics envy. _/|\_

it is a bit like cooking in 2 different pots, the substances don´t mix up, they work from different places, so no danger.

yesterday evening my 5th immersion  , 7mgs 5 and 30 mnts before 100 mgs harmala extract.

effects come up after 15 mnts, back to base line 2 hours. this time a quite and peaceful mind, very few thoughts rising, conscious of my surroundings,

consciousness felt mainly in the forehead. i would call this experience, "the god/godess of little things".

all the best. _/|\_

hi humble Voyager,

would you please tell me the facts and the names of the people who have died because of 5 + maoi?

in yopo it is used maoi and no problem, the danger is if 5 is taken orally with maoi , NOT RECTALLY.

Will you please tell me where from did you get this information? thanks

all the best. celestino

hi everyone,

yesterday evening it was my 4th immersion in 5HCL with syrian rue extract/100mg) 30 mnts before applying 6 mg rectally. onset began 15 mnts after doing

the 5, this time I felt the hand of the molecule;peacefulness, gratefulness and little thinking activity, listening to music lying down (savasana) it lasted for 1/2

hours,the other 3 times I did 3mg5 / 50 mg extract, then a week later 4mg 5 / 100mg extract, then 5 mg 5 / 100 mg extract,all of these a buzz in the ears , I

think it is the increase of energy level.

next time in a week I will do 7mg 5 / 100mg extract. some people are known to go as high as 9mg 5. I was told that I would begin to feel the effects  in the

range 6/7 mg 5. It also seems the effects are not linear. All of this guided by my good and experienced fríend Malcom Z.

cheers, light and love .

   _/|\_ O0 <3

hi there,

it is being a month roughly since my last immersion in the toadie. Well there have been changes for good, I have to say that it has opened a door to life in

me, I am enjoying life more than before, the caress of the wind , the beauty of a girl, the sounds, sights, everything and everyone, I am laughing a lot more,

enjoying music, talking more to my family, talking more to people in the streets, I am much more uninhibited than before, resuming loving life.

I have to say also that this is not the first time that I am like that, there have been previous experiences like this one, one of them with synthetic

scopolamine, then with the headless way, then with other holy people...

I have also to say that I did quite a bit of spiritual practices and got blessings from places and holy men and holy women, so perhaps all that plus the toadie

have thrust me into the life I am living now.

The other day day I was talking in the streets and talking to a mum and his son from Colombia, I asked her if spain was treating her well and she

said, "Thanks to existence itself", that is what I am feeling nowadays.

Thank you for your listening, and love, love, love to everyone/everything , to existence itself and perhaps too, to non-existence as well.

  _/|\_ <3 <3 <3 _/|\_