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Greetings 🙏

Started by alphabe, June 30, 2021, 02:46:27 PM

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Hello everyone :)
Earlier today I was searching for integration information to help me. I found a podcast which I listened to, that introduced me to this forum.
I am 2 weeks out of a retreat experience where I had Bufo 4x full strength, 2 microdoses, 3 kambo treatments and 1 very challenging Samadhi ceremony, all over the course of 5 days. The whole time and for several days after I basically didn't sleep, but tried to let my body rest as I went through what seemed like endless reactivations.
Overall, this was by far the most profound thing I have ever experienced of course (previous experiences with LSD, psilocybin and ayahuasca), and a TREMENDOUS amount of clearing and healing took place. I am home and having some pretty strong emotional swings, feelings of confusion as I try to provess everything and think of how I will apply it moving forward.
The integration aspects of the center I attended are lacking, which is way I am here.
Hoping to find more info, share, connect, understand more about WTF just happened and move on in a most positive way.
Thank you for listening 🧡


Hey Alph -

I just joined the 5 Hive, and saw your introductory message about your amazingly packed retreat experience which horrifyingly lacked any kind of post-medicine integration.

How you doin' now, 7 months out?



Interesting, my username changed :D

Wow...well, I continue to reflect on everything, slowly feeling it weave its way into my being, but the last few months have been a lot...
With some space between the experience and now, I certainly realize that I KNOW things I didn't used to know...I understand so much more about source/spirit, and the interconnectedness of us all...
Sometimes in my dreams I will still have a 'pulse' with oneness...
And my inner child healing, wow, that is coming along nicely.
Thank you so much for responding...
I had hoped so deeply to connect with others here, but not much of that happened, so I truly appreciate your message :)
Wishing you an amazing year <3


Welcome alphabe!

Most of the connection that happens on this forum is usually in the experience and other sections, since this section is mainly for a quick introduction.

Definitely share your experience if you want to in the Experiences section and I am willing to bet you'll get some responses in there :)

Cheers HV