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Hi all! Old man looking to break through :)

Started by Mips, January 14, 2021, 01:21:01 PM

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Hi all, I'm getting on now & have gone through lots of spiritual practices, none of which have given me an experience of non-duality. I'm retiring early (50) to concentrate on awakening using meditation with occasional careful & considered use of 5-meo.

My concern is this: I have occasional epilepsy. I have seizures perhaps every 2 years but they're pretty severe. I'm wondering if anyone knows if 5-meo can lower the seizure threshold? I've heard of people having seizures on very high, overdose levels but no info on the more standard breakthrough doses.

The psychonaut wiki doesn't mention it on their seizure drug list, but I just can't find info anywhere on this, so perhaps there's just not much research/info in general.

Would anyone have any info or know of any resources?


This is a great question, and the answer at the moment is that we just don't know for sure.

It depends a lot on what triggers the seizures but from a harm reduction perspective it would be important to consider that since other psychedelics lower the seizure threshold, this one may too.

If you still plan on using this substance, perhaps use with someone present who can take care of you in case a seizure were to occur and use as little as possible and work your way up in the smallest increments.