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Title: 5-MEO-DMT tested 91% with gas chromatography - how to interpret results?
Post by: PharGone on April 16, 2021, 05:48:54 PM
hi all -
I sent a sample of 5meo to the lab and the returned the results as 91% 5meo. I understand that this lab has a policy that they don't quantify fillers, salts, inert byproducts of synthesis that are felt to be safe. I think that's because it requires time and energy, reference materials, etc. to do this analysis and they are just making sure everything is 'safe'

But I wonder if anyone out there knows a bit of chemistry and might take a guess at what that 9% really is? I do trust the lab that whatever that 9% is probably isn't dangerous or a concern (although nothing is guaranteed), but I wonder what it is.

Any one know about this?