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For quite a while now I've had the idea of setting up a retreat center in Mexico which would employ 5-meo, and possibly other entheogens, as a mode of healing as well as understanding the non dual nature of reality. There are a number of centers in Mexico, such as those offering ibogaine for additions, which are run on a medical basis often with US or Mexican doctors (which I'm definitely not).

I can see in the legal status list in this forum it's showing up as "legal" in Mexico. I have tried to check this out and, despite being a Spanish speaker and having a familiarity with legislation, I haven't come up with anything conclusive on this.

I'd be grateful if anyone can point me to the exact words in the Mexican legislation  :)

Also, if anyone is interested in this project in whatever capacity, feel free to contact me!

Wonderful, nottwo .. a great vision indeed!

I also considered this option, & imagine there a quite a few out there who have had similar ideas (I know of a few groups). It would be excellent if there was more open discussion about the idea.

My concern is that of addressing standards .. quality of conduct, service from those in the system, duty of care, etc.

As we currently do not have a collective agreement of ethics & codes of conduct within the 5 community, it seems to me we run the risk of inspiring haphazard, unsafe practices with others if this is not clearly addressed.

That said .. if someone could open a clinic & broadcast EXCELLENT standards .. that would potentially be a remarkable step in the right direction.

IMO such a project requires not just practitioners, but also scientists, medical professionals, legal documents & local support, study programmes, environmental impact reports & sustainability action (particularly for organic) etc.

I am certainly curious to stay in the loop about this.


--- Quote ---I'd be grateful if anyone can point me to the exact words in the Mexican legislation  :)
--- End quote ---

Perhaps a pm to Flux, the moderator who posted the legal status information, would be beneficial. He may well be able to point you in the right direction.

Thanks very much for you excellent reply Xzen. Yes, it's certainly a project that needs a huge amount of preparation and research. I finish a long term (20-year!) project this December so I'm going to have time to dedicate myself to some of the investigation required to make this work well. I'm aware of several people who are already working in this field, some from a shamanistic angle (which is in no way my approach), and some from a therapeutic angle.

I'll definitely keep you in the loop, Xzen, and I'm happy to hear from anyone else who might be interested in whatever capacity.

Please keep me in the loop as well, nottwo. This is in my area of interest/expertise, though I promote work with synthetic rather than organic due to sustainability issues.


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