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General Discussion / Forum Dead?
December 09, 2018, 11:09:51 AM
Did this forum officially die?

I can't see any replies to any of the posts I've put recently and likewise for other well meant questions and reports I've seen here. The last post as of today was well over two weeks ago. In the meantime DMT Nexus is hosting discussions about 5-meo!!

Hi Administrators, do I cancel my membership?
Ethics and Ecology / Dr Gerry - accusations
November 25, 2018, 07:50:45 AM
I'm not posting this to judge anyone but I think it would be very wise for anyone considering using the services of Dr Gerry (Dr Gerardo Sandoval) to be acquainted with the multiple allegations against this person. At the very least he is responsible for letting down large numbers of people who paid for a session with him. However the allegations go much further to him pocketing money that was to be paid to the nebulous Bufo Foundation, to organisers and to customers who never got to see him. One allegation of rape is particularly disturbing but this is a charge for which he should personally answer. I suggest anyone requiring more information on this subject should go to "Beware the Bufo Gangsters" on Facebook where people are able to air their particular grievances against him.
I had decided that I would like to take a release dose of 5-meo this afternoon. As my preferred ROA is plugging, I had prepared 10mg of the hydrochloride in 1ml of water in a syringe. From experience, the plugged dose is considerably stronger than the vaped dose so maybe equivalent to 16-20mg of the freebase smoked.

Unfortunately the neighbors had chosen this afternoon for a big party with lots of music. I also have a small guesthouse next door so I was aware that noise could be a problem for guests. At 4pm, as the music wasn't too loud, I decided to go ahead with the experience. I administered the milliliter of solution and started feeling the initial effects after a couple of minutes, a bit earlier than I would normally have expected which forewarned me it was going to be strong. I lay on the bed and over the next three minutes felt it envelope everything that ever existed. I felt odd moments of resistance, then submission, then resistance, then submission, then total death into the eternal, no words to describe, not even consciousness or love or being, beyond all and everything, infinity.

At some point, although time didn't really come into this, a glimmer of recognition of something began to appear, something that wasn't this infinity. It felt uncomfortable and the recognition progressed to the fact that there was a body of light in the center of this all, then the body took on sensation and the impact of the surroundings started to take on form. I opened my eyes and saw the fan turning on the ceiling and my ears atuned to music from the neighbor's party. It was now at double the volume and I was suddenly filled with concern for the effect this would be having on my guests. There was no way I could move or do anything about it. I watched the minutes go by feeling pretty uncomfortable and out of it. When I felt capable I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower and drank a few sips of water. I knew it would be a while before I could talk to anyone.

But this is where the true gift of the experience occurred. I saw that all the strife that I was feeling was because of my fear of what could happen. Then as I focussed on this the words formed "there is no one here to be harmed". I repeated them time and again "there is no one here", "there is no one here to be harmed". An astounding weight lifted from me. This wasn't just the problem of the loud music, it was everything in life. A life spent trying to protect something that in fact never existed. A sort of a joke. In fact it opened the floodgates to what I can only call vulnerability, a beautiful vulnerability to everything that was previously a threat but was now just the aliveness of the moment.

I still need to process all this but I really wanted to write something down now and share.
Introductions/Newbies / Greetings from Magic Mexico
April 13, 2018, 05:33:11 PM
Hi Forum
Very pleased you are here  :)
I've been (well was!) on a spiritual search for 40 odd years with many different practices as well as using entheogens.
In the last 5 years I've had DMT maybe 100+ times and 5-MeO a dozen. It's completely changed my outlook. Also coming across non dual teachers such as Tony Parsons got rid of all the excess baggage I thought was necessary ... in fact it probably got rid of all baggage and the baggage handler too  ;D
I could spout on about spirituality or entheogens at length but it might be boring for everyone. I can bore myself even if I get started.
Just to say entheogens have shown me incredible things. Complete ego loss 30 seconds away is a hard act to follow. My pipe sits here.
I would definitely add to the list above MDMA, San Pedro and Mushrooms, each with their own nuance and "usefulness".
Happy to be in contact with anyone in Mexico - please PM me in Spanish or English!
Love to you all