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Introductions/Newbies / 6 weeks on 5
« on: October 22, 2020, 11:46:24 PM »
Hello Ya'll. I'm sitting down to type out my experience of 5. Always wanted to try it, honestly I want to try any psychedelic. Did tons of psychedelics and hard drugs as a teenager. Didn't do to much drugs in my adult life except

weed and booze. Then covid came so I figured its a good time to get high again. Started with mushrooms,lsd and mdma etc. Then I tried NN vape that was pretty cool and thought oh I'll enjoy this, but didn't go hard on it, knew

that I would eventually though(finally did but this is about the 5). NN just felt like a similar version of shrooms or lsd but I was intrigued.

So then I was told about 5me what? 
After all the initial tripping I was planning on getting back to normal life, stay in reality for a while. Circumstances would cause me to do otherwise. <3 _/|\_ <3 _/|\_ <3 _/|\_ <3 _/|\_ <3 _/|\_ <3 _/|\_ <3 OH MY GAWDMy first hit on the
synthetic vape 5 pen was a lighter dose just to peek in. We all know from here on words do not describe adequately. So god damn intrigued. Astonished.

I then took a high full dose. The one thing I'll never forget is witnessing the speed of my brain thought. So AAAMMMMAAAZZZIIIINNNNGGGG.Now I was determined. I decided to do a full power nn hit and 2 full power 5 hits all at
once. That's a total of 60 seconds of inhaling. I'll start from where I remember. I was standing in my living room with my hands down and my head looking up to the ceiling moaning with absolute bliss, moaning like never before. I

think it was the most blissful I have ever felt it was pure euphoria. Visually, because I think my eyes were closed I was traveling through the stars like a movie. Once I started my descent back to reality I kind of noticed slobber on

my face but didn't quite register it yet. Once I clued in I realized I vomited, it must have been after the tokes but I did not realize,I don't remember vomiting. I then took a small amount of shrooms and hit the 5 a few more times

while I was high.I kept on dosing 5me0 for 8 days straight. Full high powered tokes to medium tokes. Some days was a little some days was a lot. It was so wild I just couldn't stop. Morning noon night whenever. So much

contemplation.After that I abstained from 5me0 for 2 weeks. I was planning on doing a lot longer.I then started again and didn't stop for 5 weeks. WTF,seriously,WTF. Again some days a little some days a lot.

One of the "WORST" trips in that time of the 5 weeks. I had some friends over. Most of the time I was using 5 alone. Since my friends were over I was more comfortable to go super far. I was taking multiple full power tokes fairly
frequent. I started making weird demon noises, then did a double hit. I ended up at the sink puking for what felt like for an eternity. It was a very humbling experience I remember thinking of how ugly and disgusting I am but

that fact was still so beautiful. Eventually I asked my friend to touch me, I called out for help. He touched my back and slowly I stopped vomiting. I ended up puking so much I popped a blood vessel in my eye. But yet I still didn't

stop that was in the middle of the 5 weeks.

I realize I was misusing it, if not for what I did when I was high the frequency in use is probably the first issue to work out. I would say at least 30 percent of the time I meditated with it and or listened to chakra cleansing etc.
The the other time I was having fun or thinking.I went through 2.5 vape pens.I'm not the type to write stuff like this, but the experience is so life changing I feel the urge to share. I am truly blessed to have experienced 5me0.

I would appreciate any thoughts.
Thank you 

Sorry about the spacing tried to fix it but made it worse _/|\_

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