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I use two kinds of pipes: 1.- Eclipse Vape. 2.- Light Bulb Pipe.
General Discussion / Re: FULL RELEASE DOSE
November 11, 2018, 11:59:04 AM
Now I understand it as well.
The first time, a facilitator supplied me with 80mg (organic). It was an epic experience. In a previous post I described it. I lived the Oneness with the All. The second was very intense and it was when I began to realize that both this time and the first time, I expressed a lot of gratitude. In both experiences I also felt the reinstallation of the personality information. Then a third experience, very smooth and again Gratitude. Those were with a facilitator. Two months ago I began self-learning. Being such a powerful molecule, I try to be accompanied. I already handle up to 75mg more however I have noticed that being a beautiful trip, I can not lose consciousness as in the first two occasions, that is to say I am conscious in some way of everything that I am living. I am going to take a break and in December, from a facilitator in Mexico City, I will make a new ceremony.
Remember: always accompanied. Always.
Please look for "The Science of Fasting" on youtube. My closest friends make fasts of 21 days in a row and I know a person who has done 40 days in a row. I have done several 3 or 4 days and 2 of 8 days, only water, day and night. Every day I do a fast of 16-18 hours and then I eat as healthy as possible although sometimes I give space to temptations. I produce my own probiotics in vegetables, fruits and prepare my own kombucha in addition to enjoying a good superfood cupboard for my daily shake. It is a process that begins by accepting that 76% of our body is water and that the "hydraulic" system is not properly coordinated or maintained. I purify water daily that allows me to obtain 1000% pure water (steampure), I use sauna three times a week, I take 40 minutes a day of sun and I sleep like a baby. Oh and of course, I work as few hours a week as possible.
General Discussion / Re: FULL RELEASE DOSE
October 03, 2018, 08:01:44 PM
What is the lowest dose that someone has inhaled to get the full release?
After five days of fasting the energy level is very high, with or without 5meoDMT. In fact, on the eighth day, the hours of sleep are drastically reduced and it is surprising to be able to sleep.
I made many mistakes with the 70 mg. Obviously I was not in harmony and I had to follow more intuition and leave it for another day. But a week later, experience Gratitude on an unimaginable scale / Because of the diet I take (intermittent fasting 18-6), the energy level is high and constant.
General Discussion / Re: FULL RELEASE DOSE
September 27, 2018, 10:01:21 PM
Thanks for helping me expand the concept.
General Discussion / Re: FULL RELEASE DOSE
September 19, 2018, 02:29:16 PM
Yes, that issue is clear to me. I only use 5meoDMT from the toad.
Toad Experiences and Testimonials / 30mg - 40mg (organic)
September 11, 2018, 05:57:46 PM
I have continued my self-study of the management of medicine. On September 8th, I vaporized 30mg. I was always conscious but I experienced a lot of emotionality. An hour ago, I vaporized 40mg. It was very beautiful. Conscious but keeping the mind quiet. There was less emotionality and more silence and stillness. I have maintained the total fast with only water during this week. The next session will be on the 14th, when I will vaporize 50mg and I finish this part of the process on Sep 17, when I will vaporize 70mg, keeping the total fast until that day. I was pleased to feel very connected to the divine without having yet the full release.
Rising Spirit, you're right. I was confusing one thing with another and I appreciate your comment. For now, I'm only interested in experiences with Toad's 5meoDMT. Now I understand that when it is synthetic, 20mg is a high dose. With 70mg I had the total release (20 min), the same with 50 although but much less time. With 20mg it was just an appetizer, but that's what I wanted that day. Thanks again for helping me understand.
General Discussion / FULL RELEASE DOSE
September 04, 2018, 10:09:33 AM
This subject has me confused. In my first experience, I smoked 70mg. It was wonderful. In the second, 50mg, very intense but shorter. In the third, only 10mg and I was always conscious. Now I read in the post about doses, which speak of 20mg for a full release.
In my first experience (glass pipe) it was with 70mg (Longview, Washington). Full release. The second (Miami, Florida), 50mg. It was good but the first one was more loving, intimate, profound and meaningful. In the third one in Mexico I asked the facilitator for a small dose, 20mg. Mexican facilitators usually offer as much as possible. Now I'm about to start on my own and when I read that 20mg is high I'm surprised.