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Has anyone used synthetic 5 in a battery operated vaporizer successfully?

Humble Voyager...  C[size=78%]heck your messages.[/size]
The yopo from the area that mine came from is always taken after caapi. In other areas caapi is not used and the snuff effects are only around 20 minutes.
I question the source stating that yopo has only negligible amounts of 5-MeO-DMT. It may be that only the yopo seeds from Brazil were tested. That is what is easily available from online sources. I got very little effect from preparations made from these seeds. The yopo that it was like using ayahuasca and toad together. It sure seems that yopo did have 5 in it and the effect was stronger than toad alone and lasted for hours, probably due to the caapi tea. This yopo came from an isolated area of Venezuela that is off limits to outsiders. This area is known for potent yopo. Tests should be run on this yopo. It's like saying cannabis only contains 3% THC because the dirt weed they tested was weak, while some can contain 24% THC.
I appreciate your comments. I feel entheogens can be a tool used by practitioners on the path to unfolding. While one may have the experience of unity awareness on 5, this does not equate to enlightenment and the experience may become only a memory in short order. With someone who is on some path of awakening the experience can confirm that the absolute is real and accessible. Without a context the experience, though profound, may just be another groovy trip.
I do not agree that unity consciousness can only be entheogenically induced. I know a number of of awakened folks who have experienced "full release" without entheogens. I gave the 5 experience (80 mg toad) to one who sat unmoving through the 15 minutes he was out. While he was impressed with the speed of the launch, he did not find it any different than what he can experience without the entheogen. He felt it could be useful as a "pointing out" exercise, as in Mahamudra of Tibetan Buddhism, but the individual then returns to their ego which is still intact. Spiritual awakening does include stages such as unity consciousness and the experience of "no self". This eventually becomes ones default being. Using 5, one can have a peek at unity consciousness but one comes back to where they were after a short time. The real work is to drop the reliance on thoughts and beliefs and be able eventually to hang out in the space prior to thought. No amount of any substance will do this work for you. Sorry, no instant gratification.
I have bought seeds to make yopo from a supplier of botanicals and attempted, following available recipes to make the snuff. After several tries I was disappointed as I had only minimal results. I was given yopo from a Venezuelan source which was compounded there by a native shaman who is known for his yopo. It was explained to me that unless it was made from seeds from trees that the shaman has used for years and compounded correctly I was wasting my time. Little has been written about yopo and the best yopo is rarely available. First I was given a cup of caapi tea then waited about fifty minutes before snuffing about a gram of powdered yopo through a tube. About a gram of powder, which is a lot, was snuffed. It was much easier in my sinuses than my own attempts had been. The ph must be in the correct range or it can be very uncomfortable. There was some stinging but it was tolerable. I vomited a while after snorting it and went through an uncomfortable phase of purging and purification for about 45 minutes. I then snorted about the same amount again. I soon entered a space of healing. I felt spirit "doctors" in my body who worked on healing and clearing my subtle channels for what was to come. It was communicated to me that before I entered the light my body needed to be prepared for it. It seemed as if various organs were being worked on and I was "rewired" to be able to handle the experience. When the healing phase came to an end The inner doors were opened and I was ushered into the light. This experience is similar to toad but I was even more aware. After being there for what seemed like eternity, I slowly became aware of my body as I re-entered my normal state and came fully back into my body. The experience was almost three hours from when I snuffed my first dose. I have done toad around a dozen times and found yopo to have far more depth and length. I was told yopo without caapi is about a twenty minute experience. I suspect the select trees which provided the basis for the mixture had far more 5 MeO-DMT in them than what one finds online. It was highly visual, probably due to DMT being present. I would say the result was like toad times ten.
The amount needed for full release is quite variable. I white out at 100 mg of toad while 50-60 does it for me. YMMV
Introductions/Newbies / Introduction
June 15, 2019, 07:39:03 PM
I have used 5 from synthetic, toad poison and yopo. I have used entheogens for over 50 years. I am a long time member of the Native American Church and have used most major entheogens as well as have a long history of sitting for others who are using them whether for the first time or more experienced. I have found yopo to be the most potent form of 5. The yopo I have used was prepared by an experienced shaman from that tradition and one gram was snuffed about an hour after having drunk caapi tea followed by a second snuffing of another gram 45 minutes later. That experience lasted almost 3 hours and was multiples stronger and longer lasting than 70 mg of vaporized toad poison. It is the most potent entheogenic experience I have had. Adding bufotenine to synthetic 5 is more like toad than pure synthetic. I believe in an hands off approach to facilitating others in a ceremonial context gives the best results. When facilitating others, I stay out of their energy field, entering only if the situation requires, such as keeping them from aspirating their vomit or to keep them from self harm.