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Title: The Fifth Time is The Charm.
Post by: Rising Spirit on September 19, 2019, 01:54:41 AM
It's been exactly one month since my fifth intrepid journey with the holy 5 sacrament.  Honestly, it's taken that long to even partiality integrate the insights and revelations that washed over me until whoever I dream myself to be, had fully surrendered to the immense waving force washing me into oblivion. 

Just prior to this most recent nondual voyage, I had kind of developed a pre flight jitters to self-obliteration, creating a passing hesitancy of sorts...  transcended by that perceptual shift towards stepping further and further beyond all one's self orientation, to fearlessly dwelve even deeper into the very core essence of the one true source energy, highlighted perfectly within and without any and all strata of being.  Light seeds have opened and bloom wonderfully.  Sacred geometry has revealed Itself anew and it's all good.   _/|\_ _/|\_ _/|\_
Title: Re: The Fifth Time is The Charm.
Post by: Rising Spirit on September 21, 2019, 12:06:29 AM
I offer my sincere apologies, my fellows, for such a vague post.  I was intending to report my fifth 5 experience in some detail.  That said, even as I typed my words...  I had a reactivation.  My mind froze in awe of the Absolute and in so doing/undoing, I lost my ability to relate cohesively, what my journey had been.  It took some time to ground myself and begin to integrate the immense shift in attention.  I'd like to continue now, as I've woven a number of the impressions and sensations into a slightly clear vocabulary.  At least, that is my sincere aim.

At the onset of my voyage, I set adjective pre-flight jitters and centered my conscious-awareness upon the direct pathway to knowledge, freedom and serenity.  Within 3 minutes of inhalation, nothing I conceived of or believed in, even existed anymore!  11mg is the highest dose I've experienced, so far.  I truly approached full blown whiteout...  yet, remained cognizant of existing.  There persisted an awareness of holding my being in two places at the same moment and this understanding began to dominate my rapt attention.

I was the intrepid voyager.  The seeker of the ultimate reality, one which shines in divine harmony.  Yet, I had no true form, no limitations, no mortality and was wholly substanceless.  I was both the awakening child and the empty void in nondual resplendence.  Each heart beat chanted a paradoxical little algorithm, a silly little point and counterpoint echoed for just few minutes time, "I am."  "Or am I?"  "I am."  "Am I really?"  "Yes I am."  "Who am I?"  "Me."  "Who is me?"  Then everything melted away and a deep quiet dominated my perception.  The whiteness was overwhelming but euphoric.  For myself, there has always been a twin effect from the medicine.  I find my awareness centered upon both macrocosmic and microcosmic phenomena.  I live as an independent individual and an indivisible force, a divine manifestation of sheerest Omniscience. 

As the energy rose and expanded, all thought was silenced completely.  The irresistible force that had so radically shifted my attention from the relative world of personal subjectification, had dissolved into a bright, undifferentiated field of being.  Individual self orientation was superseded by a more holistic, universal view into the living pulse of existential presence. There is a place we each share as human beings.  A state of consciousness in which my deepest core is also your deepest core and everyone's deepest core.  The 5 sacrement gives this vision and healing to any who would willingly receive it. 

I'll have to add the caveat that discussing the nondual eclipsing encountered from 5 or Toad, exists deep within and far from our "normal" experiential modality and as such, cannot be understood through our ordinary mindset.  This is perhaps why I so enthusiastically endorse sitting or moving meditation.  Although, even a lifetime of internal cultivation and mindfulness...  cannot control the force of the God Molecule as it shoots you into Infinity.  Surrender to the immense force is so vitally key.  Our deconstruction is an opportunity to ascend into uber subtle states of existential being.  The holiest of Gifts!   _/|\_ _/|\_
Title: Re: The Fifth Time is The Charm.
Post by: Rising Spirit on September 24, 2019, 08:32:53 PM
Ever since my inaugural voyage with 5-MeO-DMT, I have been uncharacteristically, somewhat at a loss for words.  Sure, I express my impressions and experiences ad nauseam...   but many of the highlights and finer details evade proper quantification.  I've jotted down hand-written notes, lo these 5 journeys, and a few things are consistently present during my solo voyages.  I stand at the precipice of my sixth anointment and understandably, I have had the ole pre-flight jitters, all over again.  I suspect it would be madness to be completely without any trepidations?   >:D

Within each encounter with 5, it was clear that repeatable phenomena were occurring.  A defined pattern and a sort of navigational map were coalescing with each deep journey unfolding.  As I thumb through pieces of paper, describing experiences I'd had with the sacrement, it became more and more clear that there was a period just prior to peaking and another, just post the peaking state, in which tremendous things reveal themselves. 

Within these two windows, a wealth of significant observance can occur to the witness.  Admittedly, once the ego dissolves into the blinding, effulgent abyss of sheerest oblivion...  who witnesses what, when conscious-awareness blooms into full immersion into the white light...  as the undifferentiated sea of love washes forevermore upon the shores of eternity?   _/|\_ _/|\_
Title: Re: The Fifth Time is The Charm.
Post by: HumbleVoyager on September 25, 2019, 06:18:18 PM
It’s great to witness your progression with this medicine in your life. Thank you for sharing with us.
Title: Re: The Fifth Time is The Charm.
Post by: Rising Spirit on September 26, 2019, 09:17:56 PM
Many thanks for the nod!  I send very sincere prahnams and offer a very deep bow to you, HumbleVoyager.  There are a number of repeating phenomena that I have experienced with the molecule.  Kundalini activation, spontaneous mudras, astral travel, high frequency light transmissions, symphonies of hyper-dimensional sounds and tonal waves, immeasurable energy pulsations, conscious whiteout, nondual ecstasy, sheer ego-death & rebirth, stillness, breathlessness and the immersion of deep Samadhi states.  Then the divine pause of no mind, the blinding emptiness of Sunyata, the undifferentiated quintessence of Nirvana. The full bloom of the Godhead.  Aham Brahmasmi.  But I am still just learning how to fully surrender to the medicine.   _/|\_ _/|\_
Title: Re: The Fifth Time is The Charm.
Post by: HumbleVoyager on November 04, 2019, 12:11:30 PM