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5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Over usage
« Last post by Skydog on June 27, 2022, 07:53:52 PM »
Lately I found myself using more and more of 5-MEO-DMT freebase than usual.
I recently dumped the rest of my freebase because I seemed to be loosing control on the frequency of my trips.
I also suspect that my usage was increasing because I wasn't feeling at the top of my game hence not feeling so good about myself and needed to escape from that.
The molecule wasn't doing me any more good at that point and it was slowly taking more place in my life, more than I think is healthy or useful.
On a couple of occasions I thought about how nice it would be to liftoff again and I fancy once to buy some more but in the end that passed pretty easily and quickly.
This was another indication that I was using more than I should.
Is there any one of you people that found himself in the same situation?
Introductions/Newbies / Excited to be here. My intro:)
« Last post by Afitnessfairy on June 22, 2022, 08:21:33 PM »
My name is Sheyla! I currently live in Burbank, CA and I’m very grateful to have found this community. I have been benefiting from all plant medicines for two years now and my life has never been the same. Looking foward to getting to know everyone here!!!

Introductions/Newbies / Greetings from Qld Australia
« Last post by Pachman00 on June 02, 2022, 12:01:23 AM »
Greetings all new and old just an intro post, so will keep it short n sweet look forward to the valuable insights from like minded persons
Peace ✌🏻 love ❤️ light 🌞

 8) <3 _/|\_
Introductions/Newbies / New member Introduction post - Man's seach for meaning
« Last post by Skydog on May 30, 2022, 09:02:48 AM »
Hi!I hope you are all doing well.

I have been experimenting with several kind of psychedelics over a few years now; lots of trials and errors. More than 3/4 of these experiences were done alone, more by obligation than choice.
For the most part it was oriented towards self-discovery and to experience a different perspective on my life and what is surrounding me. A fair bit of those experiences were in nature and some were inside at home. Sometimes it was for recreation  and sometimes for escaping. I never had a bad trip (some I wish would have been shorter though haha) and I always tried to get something out of my separate reality experience (more focus, more clarity on some questions, some sort of a reset and of course a good time with myself). I am grateful to myself that I had the curiosity and the guts to try all those different states of mind and walk those different paths, for it is really a special experience.

Now I am finding myself at a point where I still enjoy those experiences but I don't seem to get any further, self-development wise, anymore and it is now more oriented towards recreation. I do have to add that those trips are well spaced from each others and they don't interfere with my life in general. Sometime it can be in the way for I have to make time for those experiences but it is not a nuisance to myself or others at the moment. I also have to add that I don't do a great effort with integration. I do reflect and dissect before, during and after my trips but not in a formal integration session (journaling).Those experiences are positives and I am grateful each time I make time for them. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with any AH!-Ah! moments anymore, or not as much or as profound.

My goal with psychedelics is to experience and enjoy the world with different eyes to eventually make some adjustments in my life and have some fun along the way; it seems like the changes are slow in coming.

I am wondering if some of you folks experience more or less the same situation.
Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to read all the info on this platform!

Have a great day!
Introductions/Newbies / Re: Hi from Boston
« Last post by Rising Spirit on May 30, 2022, 05:36:22 AM »
Welocome aboard, SuzyQ.  Would you be kind enough to share something about your voyages with the 5 sacrament, in the proper sub-forum?  How do they compare, contrast or even complete your previous psychedelic journeys?  Mine have certainly been the culmination of an entire lifetime of seeking.  Whàt specific revelations have dawned within you during your intrepid  immersions into the bright void?  Thanks for joining the community and please feel free to share your experiences.    _/|\_ _/|\_
Introductions/Newbies / Hi from Boston
« Last post by SuzyQ on May 29, 2022, 09:19:32 AM »
Greetings, Fellow Explorers!
I’m a 70-year old gay guy, and have done 4 facilitated 5-meo sessions.
Currently gathering materials so I can wander in this wondrous space on my own.
I have much experience with other modalities, including meditation and breathwork,
and other meds, including K and shrooms.

All of my 5 sessions (and other meds, for that matter) have been blissful and heart-opening.
The psychedelic gods have been very kind to me. I pray that they continue to do so.

Looking forward to learning from you all.
Introductions/Newbies / Introduction
« Last post by wpken on May 26, 2022, 06:09:30 AM »

Hi from Belgium.I've been experimenting with all kinds of psychedelics for about 25 years now. From magic mushrooms to LSD and now also with 5-meo.
The latter has intrigued me greatly for several years but I never really took the plunge to purchase it until a few months ago.

I registerd on this forum to share my experiences and get some answers to some questions.

Introductions/Newbies / Introduction post/terrifying first breakthrough
« Last post by Jona on May 20, 2022, 01:34:02 PM »
Hi everyone, I'm Jonathan (jona for short). Over the past years I've been experimenting with low doses of LSD, truffles, and 2c-b. It's been a wild ride that has changed my perspective on life, but I find myself falling into old patterns time and time again. I've realised that this isn't something that a substance can fix by itself and I've been starting to meditate, take better care of myself, and seek therapy

I am still exceedingly curious about the psychedelic realm and the possibilities that these substances offer us. I'm currently pursuing a MSc. In biochemistry, and it's a long term dream of mine to relate the wild variety of subjective trip reports with the scientific structure and receptor activation patterns of these substances. I fully expect that we will not be able to explain the beautiful mystery that is consciousness through receptor patterns alone, but I believe that pushing this[size=78%] boundary will raise even more interesting questions. [/size]

About 5-meo: I've impulsively bought 1g of powder r
 2 months ago and dissolved it into 4 ml of e-liquid to put into a mod vape. At first I took it slow and experimented with temperature and airflow etc, and with this setup even the tiniest hit already causes visual hallucinations. I took one large toke a months ago and I remember hearing a sort of static noise and feeling tingles all over my body and on the inside of my head. Afterward I felt like I was trapped in an infinite void, with just enough awareness left to realise that I used to be a person before that. I don't remember much outside of the blackness and distinctly thinking 'fuck, I used to be such a promising boy with hopes and dreams, and now I've permanently fried my brains' I screamed out loud at my own stupidity and felt an immense sadness and terror at the fact that this was were my life ended. Upon returning to earth I was shaky and nauseous and immensely grateful to be alive. I spent 10 minutes rubbing the floor saying' I love you' to myself, but the terror of the experience stayed with me. For a few weeks afterwards I repeatedly woke up with panic attacks in the middle of the night, because the sensation of falling asleep reminded me of entering that void and losing myself. Only after I realised that I had been isolating myself from my friends and overloading myself with work to avoid processing the experience did I start improving.

I was ashamed to tell my friends about the experience because I felt I had been irresponsible and I believed I was strong enough to deal with it myself. Instead, I wasn't dealing with it and simply ignoring it. Once I dropped 2 subjects in school and actually took the time to relax a bit did I stop waking up in terror.

Several of my friends also have psychedelic experience (no 5meo, but several nndmt experiences) and they were able to help me start processing the experience. One source that also really helped me was the book 'darkness shining wild' by Robert augustus masters. It details his experience of an even worse 5-meo overdose and the resulting psychosis that took him years to recover from. The book contains beautiful excerpts from contemporary philosophy, psychology and spirituality and it explores the meaning of self, death, and transcendence. It is a beautiful life changing read even if you haven't had a terrifying experience with 5-meo

(apologies as this post has turned out to be a somewhat incoherent rant, but I'm very much still busy with reorganising my own thoughts and understanding what has happened. Writing this out has mostly been for my own therapeutic benefit, but if any of you have had a similar experience that you want to share or ask questions about, please feel free :)
Toad Experiences and Testimonials / First experience
« Last post by Aviatho on May 12, 2022, 07:30:43 PM »
Thank you for letting me share this.  It has taken me about a week to gather my thoughts about my first Bufo experience.  I’m not a writer, but it has been very therapeutic for me to write this all down. Even though the initial terror is still fresh in my mind, I find that writing it down softened it.  I am grateful for this experience and hope to do it again someday.The SingularityI thought I was experienced.  I thought it was going to be simply another journey, one of many over the past four years. I did my research on Bufo and read many trip reports. I remember thinking how strange some of them were.  Why were these people writing such nonsense? I thought perhaps they had little experience with psychedelics, maybe they just couldn’t comprehend the experience very well.  Maybe they just weren’t ready for it. I thought I knew how to accept and surrender. I still have much to learn, but felt somewhat experienced. I felt I was ready for this. In less than a second after I inhaled the vapor, I realized I was wrong.The ceremony was beautiful.  Held in a safe, peaceful location with loving support from the facilitators. Although I thought I knew, I really had no idea what was coming.  During the ceremony, I inhaled deeply and held it in as my facilitator counted down.  10,9, 8 … I saw faint, mandala-like patterns in the air above me, then everything suddenly became cloudy and white. I felt overcome.  Then a sound, like a droning, vibrating hum grew and I collapsed.  I was probably gently lowered onto pillows by my facilitators, but have no memory of that.  There was no outside world. The humming grew into a hurricane-like roar. This all happened in a nanosecond - everything became white, like the static snow in televisions when there is no channel.  Everything was instantly overcome and swallowed by the massive, roaring, white hurricane force chaos. The roar grew louder, ripping everything apart and the hurricane devoured everything, all reality, including me. I don’t know if I actually did, but I felt as if my head was thrown back, my eyes opened wide in existential fear, I screamed in terror and was anhilated by the unstoppable fury.  I felt my mind being scrambled and instinctively tried to escape.  But there was no escape.  It was as if I had been ripped from Earth into the unforgiving center of the Sun. It erased all trace of me from existence. The last thing I remember was my head lowered in utter despair, thinking, “there is nothing…”…and I disappeared.  There was nothing.I don’t remember what happened during the nothing.  There was just nothing.  No me.  Nothing. Total, black emptiness of deep space.  I had no sense of how much time had passed.  At some point, I felt that I was somewhere in uncharted outer space.  Beyond the beyond. There were distant stars and unrecognizable galaxies.  It felt like I was deep in some far, unknown corner of an unknown universe. Not “I”, but I was the empty space. For some reason, I felt mathematical symbols underlying the vast emptiness. I felt a slight sadness because somewhere, on one of the tiny planets in this far, unknown corner of an unknown universe, was a tiny fragment of the old version of reality, maybe a fragment of the old “me”.  The fragment was confused, like a glitch in the matrix of this endless universe of black space. I felt compassion for it. How would it ever be found so far out here in the nothingness?  All alone.  I didn’t know, but I would find it somehow. Love is the way.It felt as if all the wires from my mind to its power source had been unplugged, ripped out.  The wires were eventually reconnected.  From the nothingness, there was a brief moment of intense confusion as the wires were plugged back in and my mind came back online, then peace and quiet settled over me. I gradually realized that I was lying on a soft cloud of pillows, resting comfortably.  Arms outstretched, relaxed.  What had started as a whisper blowing on my face had instantly turned into a hurricane like fury that blew me out of myself but I had landed slowly, gently on a cloud of pillows.  I felt calm, peaceful and serene.  I don’t know why, but I remember whispering “thank you, thank you”.  I remember smiling and giggling, amazed at the power of the experience. I made it through and was alive!  An overwhelming experience.  This was not a psychedelic drug, this was something more.  I laughed to myself and thought, “Humans aren’t ready for this…what was I thinking?”.  How silly I was to have thought that I was ready for this :)I laid in the cloud of soft pillows as my body and mind slowly reconstituted.  I could hear gentle music, the sun was setting, my guides were sitting silently around me, protecting the space and supporting me in spirit.  I asked for a little more as I felt that I gotten close to something that I needed to reach/release, but was not quite there.  Not much changed with that, so I was content to lay on my little cloud of pillows in my peaceful serenity.  Amazed at what had happened.  It was so far beyond anything I could have imagined, I wouldn’t be able to describe it.  Going into the experience, I felt as if my mind was a whiteboard covered in black scribbles.  Afterwards, I felt that the whiteboard of my mind had been wiped clean. While reading the various trip reports, I kept seeing a strange word, “non-dual”.  I skimmed over it, not understanding what it meant.  “It’s not even a word”, I thought.  It’s spiritual, new-age, mumbo jumbo that some people like to use.  I am embarrassed to have now learned that “non-dual” is one of the most important words to describe this experience. Since this experience, I’ve thought a lot about that word and what it means.  If I understand it correctly, our day to day lives are dual - there is “me” and then everything outside of “me”.  Two things - dual.  In “non-dual”, there is only one. There is no me and there is no outside of me.  I like the word “singularity”.  I’m probably not using it correctly, but it sounds right.  There is only one - all is one. I think I have a lot more to learn before I truly understand this concept.Although I’m still processing everything, I am thinking that the initial, terrifying part of the experience was necessary for the rest of it to happen.  The “self” (or ego or whatever you want to call it), faced with imminent “death”, likely reacts desperately and violently to do anything possible to escape it. Its fear and terror likely explode through conciousness until it is dissolved.  Luckily, this seemed to be a very quick process that cleared the way for the non-dual to happen.  About one week after the ceremony, an acquaintance suggested that I look at the fear differently. The fear is the body or self trying to protect me.  In other words, it is an expression of love by the body for me. If I do this experience again, I think that this understanding will help me to gain more from it.  I’m still trying to figure out what it all means.  I feel like something’s different in me, but I’m not sure what it is.  I continue to recall additional bits and pieces as time passes. Although the beginning was terrifying, I feel drawn to do the experience again in the future.  Perhaps now that I have an inkling of what to expect, I could go further.  Anyway, I plan to show more love and kindness to others and myself and I hope this experience helps with that in some way.
Introductions/Newbies / hi from Italy, 150+ sessions with 5-meo in all forms
« Last post by Mapra on May 11, 2022, 03:21:59 PM »
I use 5-meo from 4 to 6 times a week, from very low dosages to very high, from rectal to vaporized to intramuscular, everything.

I can currently reach total ego dissolution even without using the substance, i understand the mechanism that makes it happen.

i also use 5-meo-MALT that seems to be superior in power and duration, and very deep too.. wish i could talk a bit more with others that do similar things as me..

My name is matteo, but i prefer to be called Mapra.
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