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General Discussion / Friend likes 5-meo-dmt too much
January 18, 2018, 08:03:21 AM
As the title suggests, I have a friend who likes 5-meo-dmt too much.  :(
I made an enhanced leaf with all of the remaining 5-meo-dmt that I had after I tried it just once in its purest form from an oil burner pipe.
I never even had a chance to try the enhanced leaf blend I put together and now there is hardly any left.
My friend who was so adamantly against 5-meo-dmt asked me if he could try some, so I brought some enhanced leaf blend to his house.
He smoked a nice pinch of it and immediately loved it, and seemed to be gone somewhere for a half an hour, the whole while exclaiming how great it is.
And as soon as he came down from it, he requested to ingest more, and wouldn't leave me alone about it, so I packed another pinch of enhanced leaf in my pipe and he smoked some more.
Again the same reaction as the initial experience with it, from zero to completely elevated within seconds, and laughing like a madman.
Then he asked me to give him more, just enough to "send him home."
This friend is known to have an addictive personality, but I could not see him ever getting addicted to 5-meo-dmt prior to yesterday; now I know that anything is possible.
But I think that it is more of a psychological addiction.
As soon as I get a hold of him I'm going to take back my smoking mixture which I left at his house, I only had a very limited amount of this and it was perhaps foolish of me to bring it all over to his house yesterday.
The smoking blend is mixed at a good ratio of peppermint leaf to 5-meo-dmt, but I personally think that I prefer to keep and use it in its "natural" form as just pure 5-meo-dmt.
If anyone has any suggestions as to what I should about my friend who is addicted to tripping that would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone.
Re-activations / Re-activations from just 4 milligrams
January 06, 2018, 01:42:30 PM

I recently tried 5-meo-dmt for the first time three days ago.
I only vaporized approximately 4 milligrams but had a great time.
There was some initial fear, but as soon as I mentally decided to not try and fight the experience but rather welcome it fully, I became completely relaxed and had a deep meditative session.
It lasted for about half an hour.
Later that day I randomly just began feeling mild effects of 5-meo-dmt out of nowhere.
And the following day, when I was sitting in my room for meditation, I suddenly felt as if my brain became activated and I had a very profound meditation in which it seemed as if my brain was being flooded with small amounts of 5-meo-dmt.
I'm going to try meditation again today, and see if a similar thing occurs.
I really enjoy 5-meo-dmt in lower dosages like the one I took, it is very conducive for meditation in my experience.
I have yet to take the higher end, ego-shattering dosages that people often speak about.
As a catalyst for meditation I have found it is wonderful at lower doses, so I can only speculate that large inhalations of high doses held in deeply could create enlightenment-like states of being.
I can't wait to try 5-meo-dmt again, and I think that I may try a slightly higher dose, around 10 milligrams maybe.
Also I have been thinking heavily of making an enhanced leaf with the 5-meo-dmt, similar to how one would prepare n,n-dmt enhanced leaf, except with 5-meo-dmt instead, and omitting the use of MAOI's.
The 5-meo-dmt has also helped me to quit drinking alcohol; I no longer feel the urge to consume alcohol.
This is something that I've wanted to do with an experienced shaman, but since I cannot locate one and it is too far for me to travel to have just one or two experiences with 5-meo-dmt, along with the fact that I already have plenty of 5-meo-dmt, I figured that I will begin exploration with this by myself.
Thanks for reading.
I have an update. I just smoked some 5-meo-dmt about two hours ago.I put it in my glass alien artifact-looking oil burner pipe, and heated it with my micro torch lighter from underneath.I would say that I put approximately 10 milligrams of 5-meo-dmt in the pipe, but I only smoked maybe four or five milligrams of it.It hit me instantaneously, and when it did, I felt an incredible surge of energy go through me.I felt like an etheric bridge above my head had been opened, and invisible path, and energy was pouring in.My first reaction was that I got frightened immediately, because I felt the fear in my heart stir up and get stimulated.So I opened my eyes and thought to get up, and do anything to take my mind off of this, but within just a few seconds (I was still seated), I came to the realization that this might be exactly what I have been seeking for so long.So I closed my eyes again and continued sitting there on the floor, in a meditative posture, and began to meditate.I noticed that meditation and 5-meo-dmt go very well together, and I was able to center myself and sit in a trance of higher consciousness for what was maybe thirty minutes.It wore off about then and I was very thankful for having had this experience.I even brought a steel plate with me to set my pipe down on so that it would not burn the carpet after heating it, and yet I forgot to set it down on the plate and instead put it on the carpet which caused a patch of it to melt and get stuck to the bottom of my new pipe.I immediately picked it up and placed it back on the steel plate.Does anyone know how I can get the small scraps of melted carpet that is stuck to the bottom of my glass oil burner off of my pipe and clean it completely?Will soaking it in 91% rubbing alcohol for a few hours work?Thanks for all the help!I kind of want to make an enhanced leaf with the 5-meo-dmt and smoke it from a regular pipe with a regular lighter, and save the glass oil burner for vaporizing shatter from.
I also do realize that I have barely scratched the surface of the 5-meo-dmt experience and I hope to try again soon, except explore further this time.Thanks everyone.
Hi everyone,

I finally have the house to myself overnight today, and I have located a reliable and trustworthy sitter to sit with me while I partake in 5-meo-dmt, so I've decided that tonight will be the night that I proceed with this.
My setting is my bedroom, a very clean space with a bed and one chair, and space on the floor, in my home at nighttime (much later today).
My dosage is going to be 10 milligrams of 5-meo-dmt HCL vaporized through a glass oil burner pipe / meth pipe with either a normal bic lighter or a micro torch lighter (probably the latter).
My mind state is calm, completely substance free, with the exception of the coffee I drink in the morning and the tobacco I periodically smoke over the course of a day.
I will have a sitter present who is educated on the effects of 5-meo-dmt and knows what types of reactions to possibly expect.
He will not be using any 5-meo-dmt.
It will be at night, with the phone but off and in the darkness with the curtains closed, no lights on.
There will be no background music playing either, or any other type of distractions.
Please wish me luck and if there is anything else that I need to know about this then please do tell, I would really like to hear some feedback regarding my forthcoming experimentation later tonight.
General Discussion / 5-meo-dmt dream experience
October 02, 2017, 01:06:31 PM

A few days ago I talked to a friend late at night and we agreed that this night would be the time that we tried 5-meo-dmt together for the first time, each of us taking our own turns while the other acted as a sitter.
My friend was at another friend's house, and I was at home, and agreed to wait for him to come over so that we could begin.
I ended up waiting for two hours but he never came over, so I ended up falling asleep on my swing while waiting for him.
At some point during my sleep, I had the most intense and vivid dream that I can remember having in a very long time.
In the dream I put a oil burner pipe/meth pipe filled with 5-meo-dmt to my face and took a large inhalation, and immediately slumped backwards onto my back.
At that point I entered into a profound, transcendent experience of immense power and force.
I saw brilliant green fractals and my vision exploded and I almost immediately after experienced myself as the unending, infinite universe expanding in all directions and stretching into infinity.
I do not remember how long that state of awareness lasted, as time was completely irrelevant at that point.
However it seemed to be over in an instant, but during the experience it seemed like it lasted forever.
I awoke soon after and couldn't believe what had just transpired.
This dream experience now has me wanting to try 5-meo-dmt more than ever.
I see the dream as an auspicious sign.
I just don't know when I should begin my experimentations with 5-meo-dmt.
Hopefully I try this very soon, I still have a nice amount of it which I have not touched yet.
Thanks for reading.

I just wanted to mention here that I am an enthusiast of all animals, especially amphibians.

When I first learned that a certain species of toad produced copious amounts of 5-meo-dmt in it's venom, I was naturally enthralled and excited, being also very interested in entheogens.

I thought long and hard about purchasing a colorado river toad, not just for the reason that it's venom contains 5-meo-dmt, but I wanted to keep it as a life-long pet.

After thinking deeply about this, I realized a few things.

One is that I would be doing the toad a great disservice by taking it out of its native habitat and raising it in an unfamiliar, unnatural, and artificial environment.

Another thing is that I would be indirectly contributing to the removal of these endangered toads from their natural habitat.

On top of all that, I would be stressing it into releasing its life-force just so that I could have an entheogenic experience; not to mention allowing it to suffer in the mail when being delivered to my address.

Even if I did not milk it, I'm sure that the toad would not be happy living in a small glass box in a bedroom in someone's house.

So what it comes down to, for me, is that experiencing 5-meo-dmt at the expense of an animal's happiness and health is certainly not a good thing.

I decided that if I do get the chance to experience this amazing entheogen, it will be in the form of the laboratory-synthesized molecule.

Thanks for reading.
Introductions/Newbies / Soon to try 5-meo-dmt
August 29, 2017, 01:32:13 PM

I am gurudedicationananda and I will soon be experiencing the unspeakable awesomeness of 5-meo-dmt (hopefully).
By "hopefully" what I mean is that I truly hope to experience gnosis, transcendence, and spiritual enlightenment.
I don't know that it will happen, and I am not  keeping any expectations, but I am willing to be open-minded and embrace whatever happens.
I don't know how accurate the following description is, but I heard one person describe smaller doses of 5-meo-dmt as being akin to "Meditation X 1000"
What I would like to do is first try vaporizing just a very small amount as a meditation aid, at least several times, to really begin to get acquanited with the molecule.
Then maybe after a week or possibly longer I would like to experience a full-on dose, perhaps 15 milligrams or so.
This brings me to my question; can the HCL salt form of 5-meo-dmt be vaporized just like the freebase?
I have heard conflicting reports.
Some say that it cannot, while many others have said that the HCL salt form of 5-meo-dmt vaporized just fine, and the only difference is that it is slightly weaker than the freebase.
Anyway, please wish me good luck, this is something that I have wanted to try for the longest time and now have the opportunity to.