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Introductions/Newbies / 5-Meo-DMT - Integration & Moving Forward
« on: June 04, 2019, 09:26:38 AM »
Hi Everyone!

Really grateful to be here. i´ve had 5 Bufo Experiences on the past 6 months while living in Puerto Vallarta. During this process  i´ve quit smoking, considerably lowered my alcohol intake, positively erased even the memory of doing other stimulants, and i´m always trying to be a better person, with a healthy outlok on life, work, relationships.

Originally i committed to doing it 4 times, thanks to the help and persuasion of a close friend who i can say now he is a "Shaman" as that is the role that he has assigned himself.

I´m here to learn on others experiences, their ways of integrating them and moving forward doing other practices towards personal growth. i´ll gladly share my own experiences and pov´s.

Thanks to everyone!

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