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MB5 - The Martin Ball 5-MeO-DMT Documentary

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physics envy:
Posting this here in case anyone hasn't heard about this project but might be interested...and for those who might like to help fund them.

They have a kickstarter campaign going on to raise $30,000 by the end of August.  As of the 9th, they've only raised $3k so far...

Here's a quick description from their website:

Travel with us as we document the experiences of five intrepid participants as they undergo an incredible 5-MeO-DMT session with Martin! Unlike any other practitioner in the world, Martin actually takes this powerful medicine with each client in a one-on-one setting, and then works with the individual to unlock trapped energies and provide energetic guidance. Participants often speak of having the governing reins of their ego temporarily loosened and the reception of a sense of infinite, universal, love, unity and delight - and we will document Martin's process of working with his clients to aid them in achieving their desired outcomes. Brad Adams, Ph.D., cancer researcher and founder of L.A.M.P.S. (Los Angeles Medical Plant Society), will be on hand to study session results from a scientific perspective - charting participant responses and any emotional and physical changes they may experience."

I haven't worked with him, but the description of his sessions and how he worked with his clients sounds very interesting, so I'm hoping this gets made.

I've posted this to the DMT-Nexus and Shroomery as well to help spread the word - I'm hoping this post doesn't violate this forums guidelines...

I have found there to be a lot of ego in the way this individual does work with people. He claims that he is the only person in the world doing what he does, but he has no idea what various protocols underground therapists use who have been working with this molecule since the 80s. It has been a well-kept secret for quite a long time. In addition, he makes claims that he is able to move dark energy out of people...people are perfectly capable of doing that themselves. I question the efficacy of a practitioner that claims they have some power that their clients do not have. People can be taught to do the energy work they need to do as they identify a need for it. If you have someone telling you what you need to clear out of your body that you are not able to perceive then they are probably running a power play on you.

The guy, Martin sounds like a real dickhead.. no wonder he get anywhere near the funding for his tom foolery  :P ::) :o >:( :-\


--- Quote from: beatoute23 on October 08, 2017, 11:23:19 AM ---The guy, Martin sounds like a real dickhead.. no wonder he get anywhere near the funding for his tom foolery  :P ::) :o >:( :-\

--- End quote ---

Who knows? It's possible that he has good intentions...but if you don't know what you're doing and aren't aware of your effects it can be truly problematic.
I do think that the greater collective knows enough to avoid funding something that would promote something harmful.

I like Martin very much and follow his podcast. He creates conferences and devotes himself entirely to the matter. I can understand that someone look at him as a dickhead in some talks or interviews. I've learned some good tips from him but also think that the experience speaks for itself and and also doubt the meaning of his energy work. But he does it with love and dedication and he helps that someone gets their full "nondual" experiences.


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