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Hitchhiker’s Guide To Peak Experiences

Started by crimsonheight, December 26, 2017, 10:16:07 AM

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I was part of an online conversation about finding a suitable facilitator for a particular entheogen experience. The main post encouraged people to scrutinise the practices and belief of facilitators and sought to match them to the practices and beliefs of the writer.

I felt that this approach though helpful, fell short by focusing on one way to do stuff, discarding many others ways which had been successfully implemented. It also felt like approaching the experience from that point of view handed over a lot of the responsibility of the experience to the facilitator, which didn't resonate with my stand on personal responsibility.
Thus, I came up with the idea of a diagram with questions and actions that focused on the beliefs and practices of the person who wanted to undergo the experience and instilled a lot of personal responsibility.

After a quick request for feedback I realised that this diagram could become a tool for Peak Experiences, not only entheogen experiences. By Peak Experience I mean any experience aimed for out of the ordinary self-exploration, ranging from a day workshop to a several week retreat (with or without entheogens).

To build this guide I assumed good intent on all parts and the capacity of participants to determine whether they consider themselves as adults. I deliberately left specific practices, beliefs and types of experiences aside.

The usage of this guide is multi-folded:
Before an experience to determine the preparation and the integration.
To decide whether to go for a certain experience or not.
In a post-mortem for an experience to determine if there could have been more preparation or more questions to ask one-self.
To aid integration by finding gaps of knowledge or feedback for one-self.

What I'd like is for people to give me feedback. Please check experiences you had get mapped successfully to the Experience box of the flow chart. If that's not the case, please comment what adjustments (following the aforementioned assumptions) can be made.
Please do let me know of any omissions or questions/task which could improve the diagram.

Original article can be found here.


Cool flow chart, crimsonheight!

Looking forward to the discussion that will follow. I will try to comment more thoroughly on this thread when I have some more time on my hands.