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hi everyone,

yesterday evening it was my 4th immersion in 5HCL with syrian rue extract/100mg) 30 mnts before applying 6 mg rectally. onset began 15 mnts after doing

the 5, this time I felt the hand of the molecule;peacefulness, gratefulness and little thinking activity, listening to music lying down (savasana) it lasted for 1/2

hours,the other 3 times I did 3mg5 / 50 mg extract, then a week later 4mg 5 / 100mg extract, then 5 mg 5 / 100 mg extract,all of these a buzz in the ears , I

think it is the increase of energy level.

next time in a week I will do 7mg 5 / 100mg extract. some people are known to go as high as 9mg 5. I was told that I would begin to feel the effects  in the

range 6/7 mg 5. It also seems the effects are not linear. All of this guided by my good and experienced fríend Malcom Z.

cheers, light and love .

   _/|\_ O0 <3

Be very careful. People have died using 5-MeO-DMT in combination with MAOIs.


hi humble Voyager,

would you please tell me the facts and the names of the people who have died because of 5 + maoi?

in yopo it is used maoi and no problem, the danger is if 5 is taken orally with maoi , NOT RECTALLY.

Will you please tell me where from did you get this information? thanks

all the best. celestino


--- Quote from: celestino on June 12, 2019, 01:19:03 PM ---the danger is if 5 is taken orally with maoi , NOT RECTALLY.
--- End quote ---

Why would oral + MAOI be more dangerous than rectal + MAOI? If it was similarly dangerous, I would expect no reports of fatalities or permanent effects due to the lack of popularity, as less people administer rectally than orally and even fewer combine rectal with an MAOI. It wouldn't make sense if someone said administering intravenously with an MAOI was very safe on the basis of lack of evidence either, would it?

Also, isn't yopo dominantly bufotenine?


it is a bit like cooking in 2 different pots, the substances don´t mix up, they work from different places, so no danger.

yesterday evening my 5th immersion  , 7mgs 5 and 30 mnts before 100 mgs harmala extract.

effects come up after 15 mnts, back to base line 2 hours. this time a quite and peaceful mind, very few thoughts rising, conscious of my surroundings,

consciousness felt mainly in the forehead. i would call this experience, "the god/godess of little things".

all the best. _/|\_


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