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Looking for facilitation/guidance for first time experience

Started by LCD1, January 12, 2020, 11:07:42 PM

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 I am in the process of a divorce, but with a possibility to make amends and be a family again. It's become clear to me that I cannot get past our 15 year history of conflict and my own personal inner turmoil is wrecking any chance of saving this.
In college, I was very experienced with mdma, ghb and ketomine (Special K.) I know that these substances will not achieve what I'm hoping to accomplish. I've done a lot of research on 5-meo-dmt and would like to start experiencing the possible benefits from this type of therapy. The hope is to help guide/learn/reveal what steps I need to take to help resolve my emotional issues and kill my ego. Ultimately, hope to restore my broken family.
I am a professional person where the amount of time off work and expense of a retreat is prohibitive at this point. I am by myself and looking for an experienced trustworthy individual to help facilitate this process in the Southern California area.
If this process helps me, I would like to help facilitate my business partner, who is a recovering alcoholic, and help him with the daily struggles of sobriety.
Thank you


Requests for services or drugs on this forum are strictly prohibited. This forums purpose is for sharing information and harm reduction, not a place to find facilitators. I recommend engaging in therapy with a therapist that specializes in marriage and family issues in order to work on what you need to work through. "Killing your ego" isn't going to resolve the issues with your family.