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First freebase experience (comparison to bufo)


Dear family,

I have so much enjoyed my bufo experiences, I finally decided to get some powder and see how that compares. It also meant I had to go from the organised sessions to organising it all on my own. I might have made a few mistakes with the first freebase session in terms of preparations and scene setting. I was a little bit too worried with the first use of the vaporiser, sitter etc that I overlooked the spiritual side of it, prior meditation, even the diet. So, a lesson learned is - don't go into it like you're going grocery shopping.

The experience was similar to bufo in many ways, but a little scarier. It seems somewhere inside I knew my 'protection' was too weak and I feared letting go completely. Also, I had realised the scale I bought was not terribly accurate, so I can only guess how much I put. Possibly just 0.01g, which wouldn't catapult me. But the one thing that did got me worried is - my sitter said my breathing was very irregular and foam was coming to my mouth. I 'woke up' with my pillow wet, which I then heard wasn't sweat. I was drooling all along. Did anyone get that? My sitter slapped me a few times to see if I can get into regular breathing patterns, none of which I remember.

The spiritual experience was fine. A little scary because I wasn't letting go and that too showed. Apparently I was very tense and my arms were very stiff. I kept repeating some silly word and I must have looked troubled. Just like the trip itself. It wasn't a trip of insight, as I used to have, but more of a LSD-kind of experience (I never did it, but this is how I imagined it and how it was with bufo on smaller dosage).

I did learn a number of lessons, especially how to use the (Yocan Evolve Plus) vaporiser and how to measure the powder, how to set the stage and what preparations not to omit.

Yet for sake of my future sessions and to prepare the sitters properly - is what I displayed a regular, OK behaviour when on 5? Should I worry about anything or warn them?

Hugs to everyone - we're all one!

Do you mean 0.01g? That would be 10mg. What you wrote, .1g, is 100mg which is a massive dose.

Foaming at the mouth is not normal, and it’s recommended to use a lower dose of your breathing is impaired in any way. A scale that can measure down to 0.001g is required to safely use this substance.

Sorry, I meant to say 0.01g, i.e. 10 mg.  O:-)  I'll correct in the original post.


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