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Hi from Boston


Greetings, Fellow Explorers!
I’m a 70-year old gay guy, and have done 4 facilitated 5-meo sessions.
Currently gathering materials so I can wander in this wondrous space on my own.
I have much experience with other modalities, including meditation and breathwork,
and other meds, including K and shrooms.

All of my 5 sessions (and other meds, for that matter) have been blissful and heart-opening.
The psychedelic gods have been very kind to me. I pray that they continue to do so.

Looking forward to learning from you all.

Rising Spirit:
Welocome aboard, SuzyQ.  Would you be kind enough to share something about your voyages with the 5 sacrament, in the proper sub-forum?  How do they compare, contrast or even complete your previous psychedelic journeys?  Mine have certainly been the culmination of an entire lifetime of seeking.  Whàt specific revelations have dawned within you during your intrepid  immersions into the bright void?  Thanks for joining the community and please feel free to share your experiences.    _/|\_ _/|\_


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