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The Terra Incognita Project was founded in 2015 to pioneer the scientific exploration of consciousness and spirituality.  We support the sustainability of indigenous shamanic medicines in order to enable the integration of beneficial knowledge in the modern world. After two years gestating and forming relationships with scientists, academics, environmentalists and seekers alike, we are finally launching some cutting edge research studies that can directly help protect the toad and map a scientific understanding of the 5MEO experience.

The Terra Incognita Project is now seeking funding for a second-stage study on the sustainability of the Bufo Alvarius (Alvarius Incilius) toad in the Sonoran desert of Arizona (building on data from our 2016 Mexican study). The long-term goals of the Toad Conservation Project are to protect the Sonoran Desert Toad, Incilius alvarius, and it's habitat, throughout its native range in Mexico and the United States and support sustainable practices and risk reduction techniques for medicine gathering, where legally allowed. Funds raised will directly go towards logistical support for researchers to undertake this pilot study in August, 2017 and for analysis of skin and water samples of toads and their habitat.

You can paypal: [email protected] or make a direct bank deposit or for more information. The Terra Incognita Project (EIN 47-5001833) is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation and your donation is tax deductible. 

The conservation team is interested in a kind of mission/vision-setting to be established through a larger group process. We want it to feel inclusive, and not-top down, so we value the opportunity for supporters to voice their concerns and inquiries and to crowd-source this vision and let people know this the launching of a much larger, more inclusive effort to come into right-relationship with the toads, the land and each other. To nurture this community initiative we have also created a Facebook group: 

In terms of sustainable medicine gathering, our long-term vision is to:
   •   Help develop proper handling techniques that minimize stress to the toads (what age, sex, frequency & volume of collection is safe for toads)
   •   Reduce the risk of contaminating wild toad populations with know pathogens through human contact (such as amphibian chytrid fungus) 
   •   Track size and health of known toad populations (very long-term effort that will require the cooperation of diverse stakeholders)
   •   Assist in the development of toad sanctuary sites and habitat enhancement project (provide technical and organizational support)
   •   Provide information to the broader toad medicine community, including practitioners and seekers, about the spectrum of human impacts (regenerative and destructive) on toads

Full project details are at:  . I  hope that we can count on your support with this project, and that you can pass on the information to your community for their support as well. Let's keep growing together, and moving towards the Light.


Rak Razam
Terra Incognita Project
Introductions/Newbies / I remember you...
May 31, 2017, 02:41:41 PM
The Oneness is like a waterfall that comes from every direction at once, from within the center of the atom and the heart of all things and it is ON and ON and ON with such force, such loving force radiating outwards everywherewhichwhen all at once... 

The ALL is ONE and I feel that tangibly, so much more than these words: I can FEEL the ALL fractaling outwards into the universe, and I am not just connected to this current, I AM this current, and it is anchored in me in this moment, and the next, and the next, and the next, the eternal moment. My hands spontaneously form mudras to hold and channel the energy as I break into unbridled glossolalia and the spirits pour through me, sacred sound being born.
And my superconscious is conscious on multidimensional levels; everything I do has an equal and opposite reaction, so my cry moves my body and I roll with the sound and feel the caress of the sand and the earth grounding me as energy lightnings through my body. And that moment fractals into the next, holy holy holy holy and I kiss the dirt and it covers my face and the earth is aware and consensual in that moment, and it too is blessing me with its touch. Each thing I do is a blessing. Everything I am is a prayer. And it covers me and becomes me. And I spit and I cry and I laugh and I joy and I realize I AM IT.


Logos One