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Poetry and Art / 5 MEO Saved my Soul
June 16, 2017, 12:09:14 AM
Internal SETI

Set and setting
mind is bending
Fractal color patterns
Reality fractured   
We live in a multiverse
A  Simulated situation
Stimulated nervous system
Reincarnated once again
Lived several lives
And died a lot of times
But born again
Been there before
DMT saved my soul
And 5 MEO
Bufo Alvarius is
Quite precarious
You call it drugs
I say it's sacred
From Mother Earth
You must have been adopted
Key to the door
You've opened before
But long forgotten
Did you catch a glimpse
Of another dimension
Out of the corner of your eye
Bright light, Dark sky
Sacred geometry
Telepathic communications
Intelligent intentions
Have a peak into the 5th dimension
Alien to you
Feels like home to me
You can call me crazy
But I know
What you may never know
The knowledge is in you
Already, Internal SETI