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Topics - Acasta Gneiss

General Discussion / This place taking off?
December 10, 2017, 01:26:41 PM
Looks like the activity has ramped up here. It's great to see discussion blooming here and the site growing. I have it more prominently bookmarked and hope to both learn from the other contributors here and maybe even contribute some knowledge of my own.

Peace and make sure that all of y'all be good to you!

Btw, I'd like to add a variant of my nexus avatars, since my user name here is not the same but I am. The Flying Crossed Heart goes here,methinks.
NOTE: just changed my screen name from "nyarlathotep" to "acasta gneiss")

Just that. IM is my preferred ROA with 5meo ( one I am very experienced, careful and safe with, if someone has an issue with needles, this is not the discussion. It's the safest, most effective and efficient ROA I know of if done right.)for many reasons.

I have been trying to find info on dose range for it somewhere online and other than my own reports and TIKHAL, I'm not finding much.

My previous experiences were eyeballed, and I broke a supposed 250mg into 5 equal and separate doses, which provided full breakthrough IV and sub IM. I am not confident that the weight I was told is accurate, after all, I was informed it was n,n DMT at the time hence the heavy doses.

Can anyone experienced help me with the dose range for this ROA for IM and for IV for 5meoDMT HCl, or point me to a link? It would be very helpful as soon as possible, Thanks.
Poetry and Art / A few images...
June 28, 2017, 07:07:13 PM
I really enjoy playing with the 'cosmic skull' motif ;D . These are all done in simple photo editing apps on a smart phone- amazes me what tech is in our pockets! Here's a few images, if anyone wants to use, please ask first!
Articles / Why Venom Now
April 27, 2017, 11:19:03 AM
Heres an essay I wrote as a sort of introduction to using 5meo intentionally as an entheogen, its on my wordpress:
Hello, Im glad to see this new forum and happy to be a part of it. Ive been a member of DMT nexus for some time, under a different name, and hope that this site attracts the same kind of thoughtful members and intelligent posts as that place, and develops into a community and resource of its own. Ill keep this short, just saying "high!", but as far as who I am within the community- I live in the great Northwest of USA, in one if the first states to legally recognize the rights of cannabis users to do so, and I promote the growth of real-life psychedelic community of intentional users, practitioners and activists for beneficial responsible psychedelic use in my city. I enjoy writing as a hobby and occasionally update a wordpress called The Practical Tripper that deals with intentional psychedelic use.

Do I have to do letter verification for every post?