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General Discussion / This place taking off?
December 10, 2017, 01:26:41 PM
Looks like the activity has ramped up here. It's great to see discussion blooming here and the site growing. I have it more prominently bookmarked and hope to both learn from the other contributors here and maybe even contribute some knowledge of my own.

Peace and make sure that all of y'all be good to you!

Btw, I'd like to add a variant of my nexus avatars, since my user name here is not the same but I am. The Flying Crossed Heart goes here,methinks.
Ethics and Ecology / Re: "Practitioners Code of Conduct"
December 10, 2017, 01:10:35 PM
Yes, needed and timely.
I have been concerned with the ethical issues involved with the entire psychedelic therapy thing for some time. Because this is new territory,being forged by pioneers working without the benefit of legal sanction or recognition, there are some very special practical concerns that would not arise with any other treatment. These are serious considerations,and with the exponentially increasing interest and acceptance of the route, and 5 in particular, it is the communities responsibility to self police and regulate poor, unethical and dangerous behavior both for all of our sake and for those coming into this with no prior knowledge or experience with illegal drugs or psychedelic, or the types of personalities involved .

I just watched the vice video. In relation to this topic, what if one has locked into and bought and paid for a ceremony after searching long and hard for such an opportunity, and the singular lifetime event were to be held on a sand and boulder strewn creek bed,near running water more than six inches deep? Is this what people must accept as a safe setting? How does one demand an actual safe space, near facilities if needed and free of dangerous obstacles when the whole thing is underground and we are at the mercy of whoever decides to be a practitioner?
I'd like to see guidelines for companion/observers, with stresses on medical CPR training, how to identify real crisis as opposed to real psychological release, along with guidance on preparation and post integration, as well as tips on obtaining synthetic to create less of a reliance on "practitioners".
Ethics and Ecology / Re: Are the tides starting to turn?
December 10, 2017, 10:57:06 AM
There is a reckoning occurring. I have only caught clips of Hamilton's toad episode,but have heard lots of people talking about it.

The issues that turn people off to synthetics need tip be identified and addressed, I feel the community should begin advocating more for using synthetics, even if it means giving advice on how to navigate the internet or lab TEKs. I know that the nexus,for example, would passionately dissuade this, but 'regular ol' dmt is easy to produce. It is good that 5 is more rare, but we should help people access it in other ways than the toad.

Personally, idk the first thing in this, both times I received a vial, it just happened.

As for personalities, it is unfortunate to me to see what has or is happening to Gerry. I was initially struck by what seemed to be a humble man, but a visit to his FB reveals a certain megalomania going on that seems directly related to his prodigious venom and other drug consumption.
Ethics and Ecology / Re: Poor Ethical Standards Videos
December 10, 2017, 10:35:58 AM
Rettig is now saying the taser was a prank. Funny guy.
Well, you are reading right as to what I was told I had. I'm sorry that I wasn't clear, poor communication on my part.

Let me explain-several years ago, when I was just deciding to begin working with psychedelics as a last-ditch effort to stop my life from completely falling into the abyss after years of addiction, depression, suicide attempts etc (if you're truly interested about it, I'll link this to my blog- my essay from one on 5meo called Why Venom Now is in the articles subforum here- I don't keep consistent avatars across forums but I do contribute to a couple quite often.)

The substance I was seeking was n,n DMT, having read a bunch on it, and having experienced it years before in my deadhead days. I felt it could help get me back in touch with the part of myself that addiction and traumas had so thoroughly wounded. The very first person I asked brought me a vial the next day with what he said was .25g of n,n in a salt form. It was very small, and a wettish very fine crystal. I can't remember if the entire lump was the size of a grain of rice, or my doses were. Awesome clarity, I know.  :-\ It was NOT n,n DMT, so it very well may NOT have been 1/4 gram. I only found out what it was after I did it and was quite surprised as it was nothing like I'd read about. 

I wanted to get the most out of it and being comfortable with needles, dosed it as I said, having determined that that would be a good IV dose of n,n for my body weight as per the information in Strassman's book.

Let me also explain, as the behavior I describe really doesn't reflect upon the way I operate now. I was completely alone in this endeavor, I had no "psychedelic' friends and no real knowledge of the whole thing that is going on. Since then Ive made alot of changes and grown considerably as a person, if I am able to say that myself.

So, to avoid getting into the whole long story-I've written ALOT about it and continue to do so- it turned out to be 5meoDMT HCl, and since that was so wildly misrepresented, then IDK about the weight.

The thing is, when I did IV the theoretical 50mg, I experienced death. In the most concrete terms I could imagine. I felt my heart thud to a stop after shuddering, and breathed out, unable to breathe back in, and it just went out...and out...and out...and out...I visualized it as a puddle of water expanding from my now prone body, soaking into the earth, returning as my spirit was drawn out and shot through the tunnel into the Pregnant Void. I do not know- I was alone, but I may have died on that floor. Whatever the dose, it was large, and 5meo has stories linked to it involving tragedies if I'm not mistaken.

Allowed only a minor glimpse that was nonetheless shattering and fully life-changing; transformative in every sense, I began a long arduous and mistake filled path to put the pieces back together into a better whole, something I feel I've been very successful in doing so despite monumental challenges along the way.

So, that was about five years ago. During that time I've made all kinds of major changes, I'm in recovery and work with homeless teens and developmentally disabled adults, am pursuing my art as a career at the age of 48 like never before. In that time, with the help of the psychedelic path I've developed for myself I've overcome the self loathing that comes from neglect and trauma and now foster self love that was so sorely lacking throughout my life and that led to 20 years of heroin addiction, homelessness, jails, professional criminalism and the like.

Anyway, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go on so long. Obviously, I have a long way to go. I actually thought that folks reading the OP would have familiarity with that story because a couple other members here do. (Jeez, sorry, I took care of that raging ego, a little blood...sugar always helps.) But I understand that some might read the OP and be stunned, and not realize that my intent and practice is solid.

I'd like to explain the current circumstance to those with any interest, as it is the same kind of fortuitousness that brought me into the presence in the first place. I think that this shit initiates YOU, it seemed to be there for me without me even knowing I needed it, saying "here you need this, not that", and after subsequent exploration of hyperspace with DMT, that is the case. Dying saved my life.

So, that experience five years ago, and the several IM experiments that followed, began this important work, but I feel that there is a big step that was not completed that first time that needs to be done. I have been doing all the work over this five years in preparation for that time and it seems to have come.

I of course wont go into details, but I have found myself supplied with another small vial. The circumstances this time are quite different. I have lost pretty much every one close to me in the last two years, my two closest friends, my father, and finally last week, my mother died. I don't know, and it makes me feel very weird to say this, but I know that nothing happens without reason, and the timing for this is significant.

After the eclipse (that went over my city) bisected literally this ideologically divided country, a hurricane sat over the location where my mother died for an entire day, less than a week after her death, at the same time fires set by asshole teenagers have blanketed my town in ash on the other end of the country. In between, earthquake and floods ravage the southwest and Mexico. My entheogenic milestones always seems precedented by some crazy shit. Watching TV while reducing vinegar cooks during my first ACRB soup making experiment, I saw the news that a meteor had exploded over Chelyabinsk Russia and that the Pope had quit his job. Whoo boy, gonna be a weird day...

Okay, I'm rambling. I just wanted to let yall know where I'm coming from, so that you know the information I seek is being done so in a respectful and responsible manner.

My writing on the subject, and a blog with other creative efforts:
NOTE: just changed my screen name from "nyarlathotep" to "acasta gneiss")

Just that. IM is my preferred ROA with 5meo ( one I am very experienced, careful and safe with, if someone has an issue with needles, this is not the discussion. It's the safest, most effective and efficient ROA I know of if done right.)for many reasons.

I have been trying to find info on dose range for it somewhere online and other than my own reports and TIKHAL, I'm not finding much.

My previous experiences were eyeballed, and I broke a supposed 250mg into 5 equal and separate doses, which provided full breakthrough IV and sub IM. I am not confident that the weight I was told is accurate, after all, I was informed it was n,n DMT at the time hence the heavy doses.

Can anyone experienced help me with the dose range for this ROA for IM and for IV for 5meoDMT HCl, or point me to a link? It would be very helpful as soon as possible, Thanks.
Poetry and Art / Re: Mapping the Source
June 28, 2017, 07:12:26 PM
I enjoyed listening to you perform that at the Ashland conference! Fun times, thanks!
Poetry and Art / Re: A few images...
June 28, 2017, 07:11:07 PM
Another...a background.
Poetry and Art / A few images...
June 28, 2017, 07:07:13 PM
I really enjoy playing with the 'cosmic skull' motif ;D . These are all done in simple photo editing apps on a smart phone- amazes me what tech is in our pockets! Here's a few images, if anyone wants to use, please ask first!
Thanks for this. Some may harp on the need for accurate dosing, which I understand, but a 1mg variation isn't going to kill anyone (not speaking for egos however). This is useful. Any chance of performing the same experiment with n,n DMT?
Articles / Re: Why Venom Now
April 28, 2017, 05:42:48 PM
I'm really glad y'all enjoy it, thank you for the kind words! I'll grab soem stuff and paste it in here, will edit and update this post. Thanks again!
Quote from: HumbleVoyager on April 27, 2017, 11:32:59 AM

Welcome Nyarlathotep!
Great to have you here. What a great background of experience you have to offer. I share your hope that this place will attract the same caliber of members that the Nexus does! Would love to hear more about what you have learned in promoting and nurturing real-life psychedelic community--both the advantages, challenges, and potential pitfalls that you have faced.

For now we are requiring letter verification for every post but we are thinking of modifying that in the future. We think that it may help people be more intentional with their posts and also will keep out any spam bots (we had a pretty massive attack by a spam bot not long ago).

Thank you and welcome to the 5 Hive!

Gotcha, cool. Thanks for the kind welcome, I hope this can grow into a good resource for a little-understood substance.

Here in my city, we've seen the growth of several groups, all that seem to serve a different aspect of the psychedelic community, from more social get-together kind of thing to a more educational-minded group that hosts topic speakers fairly regularly. As with any group of more than one person, there are going to be conflicting egos, hurt feelings and the occasional disaster, all of which we've suffered. There have been individuals who have wreaked havoc, who approach the whole thing as some sort of egoistic way to enrich themselves one way or another, and who don't like it when they don't get their way but we've weathered it.  Overwhelmingly the work of a few individuals who see the cognitive liberty/harm reduction/entheogenic therapies co-movement as being important enough to dedicate their time and energy to selflessly continue to see this community grow.   

5meo DMT is a topic of fascination for many of our members,as well as myself, it's such an interesting substance.
Articles / Why Venom Now
April 27, 2017, 11:19:03 AM
Heres an essay I wrote as a sort of introduction to using 5meo intentionally as an entheogen, its on my wordpress:
Hello, Im glad to see this new forum and happy to be a part of it. Ive been a member of DMT nexus for some time, under a different name, and hope that this site attracts the same kind of thoughtful members and intelligent posts as that place, and develops into a community and resource of its own. Ill keep this short, just saying "high!", but as far as who I am within the community- I live in the great Northwest of USA, in one if the first states to legally recognize the rights of cannabis users to do so, and I promote the growth of real-life psychedelic community of intentional users, practitioners and activists for beneficial responsible psychedelic use in my city. I enjoy writing as a hobby and occasionally update a wordpress called The Practical Tripper that deals with intentional psychedelic use.

Do I have to do letter verification for every post?