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Toad Experiences and Testimonials / Nirvanna
May 01, 2017, 12:07:26 PM

I had my first experience with AlberTo Yarleke in Tepoztlan, Mexico as with most people it was very intense as I was breathing in he disappeared I could see the background momentarily until I laid down on the ground. For a short period I lost consciousness and did not have a sense of my physical body. Then I heard Alberto using the rattle and chanting I was happy to hear him bringing me back to awareness of my physical body, then he poured some cool water on my forehead, hands, legs, feet which felt wonderful I started being aware of the grass I was laying on moving around. I felt a sense of peace like I had never experienced. Alberto is very attentive and there to help through the process of Otac. Later in the evening I laid down to listen to music for awhile before I went to sleep. After falling asleep I started to hear the chanting again and had a Shaman now in my dream also chanting and shaking the rattle. I had several experiences with Alberto over the next couple days and one last experience before returning home which was like Nirvana he did not disappear like the first couple of times I came back to awareness of the physical world fairly quickly and as I sat up to look around everything was vibrant I could see my own skin which had a slight overlay appeared like snake skin. Alberto has a great love for working with Otac and the people the he serves. It took me about 2 weeks to integrate this experience into my being. My reality changed in such a way almost like being reborn into a different world. Glad to have worked with this Sacred Medicine and Alberto as my guide. I also got to watch many others experience Bufo and realized that each person is unique and experiences this differently. It really helps heal experiences we have to deal with and break free from the egoic self and look at the world that we individually and collectively create. I believe this experience allows human consciousness to change and become more conscious of how we effect the world around us. Ometeotl