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5meodmt soon :)

Started by famine, November 01, 2019, 02:27:57 PM

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Hello I'm new :) I have a lot of experience in nndmt. Over 60 breakthroughs and even one iv experience. Tomorrow might be my first time with 5meodmt. It is quite intimidating to me as I know its much much stronger than nndmt.
What I'm worried about is the vomiting? I don't have a tripsitter and that could be problematic if I'm out of my physical self. Also do you recommend going higher first and tapering down to find your "release dose"? Or starting abit lower to get the feel of the chemical.


Well I think the fact that you're already familiar with nn-dmt is going to help a lot, because you won't be totally taken by surprise when reality is pulled out from underneath you like a rug... Although, with a high dose is can happen very quickly, and there definitely won't be as much going on as with nn-dmt that you can identify with and cling to, as such. If you're doing it on your own I suggest starting with a small amount and working your way up. This way, you can familiarize yourself with handling the substance, especially if you're vaporizing it yourself. Personally, I prefer having a good friend who knows how to prepare a good dose properly do all the handling while I concentrate on breathing and clearing my mind. That way all I have to do is inhale, hold it for as long as I can, and the only thing to worry about is a soft landing, no putting the pipe or device down or anything, just falling backwards into the safe space. This way I can put a lot more focus on my breathwork with as little distraction as possible. I've never really had too much of a problem with nausea, I've never vomited, but again, any worries of this kind were aided by the fact that having a sitter present means they will be watching over you, watching your breathing, there to help put you in the recovery position and clear your airways if you did happen to vomit... Also if they're good, they will be singing some icaros or other mantras as you start to come back to reality which is really nice.
BUT since it sounds like you're more than likely going to be alone for this, all I can really suggest is making sure your space is ready, you plan where you're going to put your pipe/device in advance, you do the breathing and mind clearing, and you aim to get yourself into a vomit friendly position instead of say, lying on your back or any posture where your head is tilted backwards where your airway could be blocked either by your own tongue or vomit. Extended childs pose works well for me.
Good luck and namaste  :)