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Started by Madrus, April 28, 2017, 01:21:55 AM

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So, 5-meo-dmt, 5-ho-dmt. Never tried them. Powerful stuff so I've heard.

An interesting survey would be to ask where 5-meo-dmt users have sourced their material?
The overwhelming majority would be pure synthed powder right? I haven't heard of any plant extractions that result in solely 5-meo-dmt yet.


Welcome Madrus :)

I'm not entirely sure what you meant in your post, so I'll address two interpretations in order to clear up any confusion. If you're saying to do a survey to see if people are using synthetic, Toad, or plant-based sources of 5-MeO-DMT, then I would say that would be great info to gather. We actually have a university-sponsored research survey up (see link in the other board) that will gather this kind of data.

That being said, if you are talking about where exactly people are getting material, that type of discussion is not allowed.

From our Terms:
This site is NOT a site for sourcing conversations. Any conversations which allude to or imply discussions on direct sourcing, purchase, sale of illegal substances will be removed. Users may say what source of substance they have used in the past such as synthetic, toad, or plant-based but any information beyond that is prohibited.


Indeed, because the first thing I do on any drug forum is ask everyone where exactly they get their drugs.


Hi Madrus,

You pose an interesting question, & we're going to learn a lot here, as time goes by. All of us.

The nature of origin will most likely become apparent initially by the topics / threads most written in.



Hi Madrus.

Plant-based sources of 5-meO is a fascinating field and as you indicated, perhaps not one of the more-prevalent 5-MeO products in the global scheme of this medicine's consumption, although in remote areas where species like Virola and Anadenanthera are prevalent and have a traditional history of use, such sources may be more common.

I do however have some optimism that new sources may come to light as intrepid ethnobotanists and amateur explorers seek out alternative natural (and perhaps sustainable) sources.