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I really recommend not to wear nitrile or any gloves while dealing with DCM... DCM goes straight through them and therefore has longer contact. I think this route is very complex for no reason... maybe just nice to use glassware :D Anyways I recommend just dissolve all your 5meodmt in MeOH, adjust ph to 12 with NaOH or Na2CO3, distill MeOH out and recrystallise what's left over with boiling hexane or heptane. You will get beautiful crystals at easily 90%+ yield :D

Very late reply but will be useful information for others.

You can check if it's freebase or salt by dissolving some in water. If it dissolves, it's salt. Otherwise it's freebase.
I wouldn't recommend smoking salts, it's not so healthy. Smoking hcl  >:(
To convert you can dissolve your salt into water, add a base with pka of 10 or higher such as sodium hydroxide. Then filter  O0

General Discussion / Re: 5 meo Dmt and nn Dmt
« on: August 26, 2020, 08:28:02 AM »
I find if you do an effective dose of 5meodmt, it overpowers dmt fully. I don't see a point in any 5meodmt combinations. At this level more is less.

Introductions/Newbies / 5meodmt soon :)
« on: November 01, 2019, 02:27:57 PM »
Hello I'm new :) I have a lot of experience in nndmt. Over 60 breakthroughs and even one iv experience. Tomorrow might be my first time with 5meodmt. It is quite intimidating to me as I know its much much stronger than nndmt.
What I'm worried about is the vomiting? I don't have a tripsitter and that could be problematic if I'm out of my physical self. Also do you recommend going higher first and tapering down to find your "release dose"? Or starting abit lower to get the feel of the chemical.

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