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Virgin Initiation


Child Horus:

I the virgin, free from drugs and intoxicants since 2006 embark on the voyage to the 7th receptor in 24-36 hours and counting.

I enter the void of my own free will to embark upon my own death. 

What mysteries await?  Only the knowers and the godhead may know, and I accept my destiny into your fold.

Of unity divine

...even if for a moment.

Imbibe me with your blessings brothers and sisters of light

that I may return to the hive alive

and Thrive...

Beautiful...just a quick note to say that it seems like your images aren't loading. Are they supposed to be big gray circles with horizontal lines through them?

Child Horus:

...ok I changed hosting sites, and I think it should be fine.

All fixed now! Thank you!!


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