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I took 5-Meo-DMT (synthetic, don't know the quantity) 2 times, both with a group of 8 or so. The first time was in October. I was not nervous, but did not know what to expect. Years of meditation and 4 years of participating in about 50 ceremonies of Ayahuasca brought me to experience Oneness and I was expecting something of this sort. I read about the Toad and I knew it could be a good fit for this. The day of the gathering, I was the last one to breathe the medicine. I saw a woman orgasming for more than half an hour, other people emerging with a blissful smile. One guy wanted to check with us telling us everything is alright, while under the influence. The practitioner made a good initiation upfront, telling us we should not expect anything and everything could happen. When it was my turn to take the glass pipe, after some breathing exercises, I took a long inhalation. There was this big roaring wave of energy wiping all my sensations, I felt the practitioner helping me lie down. It felt as my breathing was not so automatic, I felt gasping at first but the waves soon were a big ocean of energy and I felt my little body at the bottom of this sea breathing very thinly. I had no choice but to surrender. This was a blissful, full frontal, very intense energy, alike when there is snow on the TV set. At the same time it felt incredibly familiar and intimate. Not sure how to give a good account of this but the consciousness was without an object. I regain a sense of my body and felt the need to stand. I could feel from inside the unity with the other participants, as if we were fingers of the same hand. When I opened my eyes, I could see the city (we were in a loft on the tenth floor and a big bay window showed the city) and feel one consciousness constructing everything I experienced. Later, some days or weeks after this, I could sometimes feel this same oneness, the same one with everything experience, spontaneously, without looking. Last January, I went for a second serving in the same settings. This time, I do not know why, I felt more nervousness. I wanted to do it again, but parts of me were resistant and fearful. I did not feel like being there. I brought a friend and in a way I was eager to be with it. So I went first. The practitioner offered to take a sip before the big breath. I didn’t go for it in October but this time, I felt it could ease me in the experience. The small dip was powerful enough. I stayed sitting, but the familiar roaring waves took me for some time. I doubted I could do a full inhale after this. But then, what a man’s got to do? I took the full offering. It was again this big ocean of energy, but this time there was a tremendous resistance. It felt like letting go could kill me. I touched a somewhat very big strong dark rock, and could not let ego go. As if this resistance was the building block of who I am. I could not endure this state and even felt the need to cry for help, which I didn’t too identified in my ego. At one point, I just accepted this resistance and the experience suddenly changed. I was at peace. Strongly in my centre. Accompany by the activities of my false self. I felt the need to integrate the experience, so that the transcendence become more immanent. I watched myself, my body-mind throat sang, moved, making a spectacle of itself (or so the thoughts comment) I moved, I danced I whistled. I think I was shown something fundamental in this false me, something I have to accept moving on. In my everyday life, since this experience, I see myself more impatient with people. The false self who liked to be loved to show me more and more his selfish needs. It is not an easy sight, but I am grateful to see all the work I still have to do… All is needed to be done. I am still learning how to let go of all my stories, my perceptions, my sensations, my thinking to reveal the centre I that is I… This familiar knowing of the truth, the beauty and the love that is I.

This is a great report! I moved it to the Synthetic 5-MeO-DMT section since your experiences were with synthetic, not the toad venom.

That experience of TV snow or static seems to happen quite often with this medicine. "Fingers of the same hand" powerful image. I know what you mean!

It's incredible how simple acceptance can change the whole experience... and also incredible how part of healing is also learning how to integrate and accept the negative aspects that sometimes come out after an experience like that. Those are the entry points to our wounds, and help us to know what has to be healed in our daily lives now that the subconscious has our attention.

Thank you for sharing. <3

Thank you, feel so great right now, the integration process go on and on :-)


--- Quote from: spoutnikp on February 25, 2018, 12:45:43 PM ---Thank you, feel so great right now, the integration process go on and on :-)

--- End quote ---

Please do share with us what your integration process is like and what things have been most helpful for you to integrate such a profound experience. <3


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