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Introductions/Newbies / Re: Hello and Thank You
August 19, 2022, 01:30:00 PM
Introductions/Newbies / Re: Greetings
August 19, 2022, 01:29:43 PM
Welcome, we look forward to having you as part of this repository of experience and knowledge.
Introductions/Newbies / Re: Hello
August 19, 2022, 01:29:01 PM
Introductions/Newbies / Re: hi from Shari
August 19, 2022, 01:28:35 PM
Hi Shari!

Welcome. We look forward to reading about your experiences. I will look into the posts in Korean. In the future, if you see any posts that you are concerned about, you can report them to the admin by clicking the words "Report to moderator" in the right hand corner of the post.

All the best,
I had a friend who experienced this kind of pattern of use with 5meo.

She had to take a long break from it before doing it again because it was serving more as a distraction than a tool to help her do what she needed to do.

For some people, 5meo can be really pleasurable and a nice escape from the mundane. This could be similar to some people reporting that kind of use with DMT.
Thanks for sharing this powerful experience here with us.

Have you considered reaching out to a therapist to help with the integration process?

Even if that is not something you'd want to do, I hope you're able to take good care of yourself and practice grounding as much as possible and take the space you need to be present with yourself.

Wishing you all the best,
Introductions/Newbies / Welcome!
July 25, 2022, 06:53:13 PM
Welcome to all new members!

We may not have the most frequent or timely responses, but this forum is alive and well.

It is a repository of information and knowledge that may be helpful in your exploration and in your experiences with 5-MeO-DMT. Please don't be discouraged if your intro post isn't responded to. They are all read by myself and other members, and your posts in the other sections of the forum will get responses.

Wishing you all the best and grateful that you are here with us!
Ethics and Ecology / Re: Calling out / Calling in
April 11, 2022, 01:29:09 PM
This is a great question, and an important one to ask.

Thanks for bringing this here.

I think perhaps a good place to start is to check in with the practitioner themselves and give them feedback. If they are not open to feedback or unwilling to engage in a process of repair with harmed parties, the next step would be to engage with community leaders or community members who may be able to prevent further harm to others by informing members of the community of the problem. If both of these steps are unavailable, then it would be important to find a public space or forum such as social media, email lists, or otherwise to inform the public about the individuals' unethical practices.

In general, it is very difficult to call in or call out practitioners that are not necessarily part of any specific communities. I would recommend that people only work with practitioners who have community ties so that there can be call in/call out processes in the case of harm caused.

I have gone back and forth about creating a space on this forum for practitioner call ins or call outs, but I think that it is a rather intensive process requiring significant moderation and/or mediation and I haven't felt like these forums have those resources currently available to handle that sort of space.

What thoughts do you have about it?
General Discussion / Re: storage and conversion
April 11, 2022, 12:56:18 PM
Hello and welcome!

The change in color is likely due to some oxidation of the freebase, but probably not a significant decrease in potency.

You will probably be able to vaporize it and experience effects without any noticeable differences.

You can definitely convert this into a salt form, but that isn't necessary unless you wanted to.

406-410 F is the temp where it will completely vaporize.

As always, it is best harm reduction practice to ensure that you have the correct substance. Consider sending a sample to in order to get your sample tested.
Please check out our Preparations subforum, as there is some information there about various extractions. It's always good to expand our knowledge of different plant sources and methods of extraction.

Introductions/Newbies / Re: Hi from NYC
April 11, 2022, 12:34:26 PM
Welcome to the forums. Good to have you here.
General Discussion / Re: Server Updates
April 11, 2022, 12:33:15 PM
Hello! This is a notice that the forums will be down on April 14th, 2022 from 12 PM UTC until 3 PM UTC for a server upgrade.

The functioning and data of the forums will not be affected after this upgrade is complete.

Wishing you all the best,
General Discussion / Re: Reactivations with cannabis?
February 16, 2022, 07:02:33 AM
It's possible that you don't have anything to worry about! :D
Introductions/Newbies / Re: Grettings from Silicon Valley
February 16, 2022, 06:58:01 AM

Please do come and use this community for support to talk about your preparation and integration and questions about 5meodmt.

But please know that this forum is strictly NOT for the discussion of finding facilitators or ceremonies or acquiring any illegal substances. may be a good resource for finding prep/integration professionals in your area.
Introductions/Newbies / Re: Hello
January 28, 2022, 11:21:38 AM

Just a note that on this forum we do not discuss sourcing of illegal substances nor facilitate conversation about ceremonies/access points for the substance. As a harm reduction forum, we focus on people sharing their experiences with others and create a safe space to discuss topics thoughtfully.