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Title: Alone
Post by: lonelyCloud on November 12, 2022, 02:49:36 AM
My journey reached a climax this morning.
I got it.
It just is.
It is fantastically simple That is the miracle of creation.
I have spent over 7 years getting to today. Through some difficult challenges. I have read, researched, prepared, and meditated. I have used all the other substances. I accept and love myself.
Today was my first full 5 meo, experience. I have had a few beautiful low doses, of handshake experiences, I have done it with a guide who introduced me to the substance, but today it was me alone in the forest. Me in nature, alone. When I did it with a guide he told me I was a natural, and it felt very natural to me. I have seen the videos and read the reports on the dangers of this substance, and I perhaps somewhat arrogantly or recklessly decided that the dangers did not apply to me.
It is impossible for me to describe the intensity and the beauty of the experience I had this morning, It is alarming even how quickly it appears to be fading from my memory.
I have been trying to find people similar to myself to connect with, but it is not easy.
I am a married man in his 50s with young adult kids. Psychedelics seem to be made for me. In my 7 years, on multiple substances. I have not had an experience, that has not been beautiful and valuable. My life has improved in all aspects. I am healthier, happier, I am less stressed. I love life. I have found some people who are on the path I am but I do not know whether it is due to my lucky biology, or my outlook but I seem to be blessed in many respects.
What sets me apart from others I have met on the way:I always have very positive experiences, others I have met seem to have milder or more negative experiences.