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Hello! Noob here
« on: January 12, 2019, 09:45:09 PM »

My name is Joe.  I tried bufo for the first time 2 days ago, 40mG and I had a KICK ASSED powerful ride.  I cannot imagine doubling the dose, though I certainly will at some point as I want to see what else it has to offer.
I have alot of experience with psychedelics and after this experience, I feel 5meo is a TRUE entheogen.  I felt gods love powerfully radiating out of my heart like nuclear powered MDMA.  I couldnt stop with the gratitude, the love and the crying.  SO BEAUTIFUL!

Now that Ive shook hands, Im going to wait a while and integrate, then Im not sure if I want to jump right in, or take the time to gradually step up the dose till I get there

Looking forward to learning and sharing with you folks

Oh yeah, Im also a kambo practisioner.  I placed dots over my thymus, my solar plexus and on the back of my neck, took that ride, took a half hour nap then woke up and blasted off.  My smoking technique is on point too, literally hundreds of n,n experiences

Thank you _/|\_

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Re: Hello! Noob here
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