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One long breath and it all dissolves. Fading into pure white, nothing/everything. Pure Void. No meaning, no purpose. The agony of blankness is overwhelming - such deep pain and fear released with agonized screams. No more breath. No more life, no more death. Nothing.

Then there was The Word. A sound emerges from the Void. This miraculous piece of biological technology is re-awakened, this body of flesh and bone, of Light and Energy comes alive. Like a beacon, a lighthouse calling into the night, the sound starts from deep within, calling into the world and bringing existence into Being.




The fire is ignited, the passion for this life and this beautiful planet is stoked and the flame burns unbound. The heart's ache expresses itself, as a burning desire to FIGHT for the GIFT OF LOVE that is this sweet outpost of life and beauty and love, this delicate Blue Gem that floats in the vastness of Space. For the winged and finned, for the furry and scaled, for those with roots and those with hoofs. For my Sisters and Brothers that have succumbed to the Sufferation of our culture. For my Heart that aches for connection and solidarity, for a world where our actions are treated with consideration and sanctity, for an awakening to the reality that this beautiful Orb of blue seas and green jungles is all we have. For the reality that we're all Earthlings.

A call goes out to all the Beings on this planet, a Warrior's cry of Love and solidarity - I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!  I stand with you! I stand with the oppressed and the marginalized! I stand with the forgotten and discarded! I stand with the lost and hopeless! I stand with you, and together, we WILL walk our back home. I will speak my truth! I will stand with you as you speak yours! We will be heard!

Something has shifted. The Masters are awakening and their voices are being heard. There is a new chapter unfolding, a New and Ancient Story as our dear Brother Charles Eisenstein says, where our reverence for Life overcomes our greed and gluttony. Where our compassionate hearts guide us to Right Action and where we honour the fragility and deeply sacred specialness of this One Planet.

I'm honoured to be here, now.

<3 ONE LOVE! <3
Introductions/Newbies / Hello Sisters and Brothers!
July 08, 2019, 11:31:52 PM
Just a quick note to say "Hello!" to you all and express my deep gratitude for this forum and the depth of conversation I've just stumbled upon here.

While I've not yet partaken of the Sacrament yet, I'm preparing myself as best I can and look forward to learning more and sharing.

Wishing you all many Blessed Ceremonies!