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5-MeO-DMT Experiences and Testimonials / Re: 5 and vaporizers
« on: August 05, 2020, 04:57:11 PM »
Yes, it works. 

Introductions/Newbies / Re: I am near the truth that I can almost
« on: August 05, 2020, 04:56:17 PM »
Thanks!  _/|\_

Thanks for sharing!  It sounds you had an amazingly powerful experience!!!   _/|\_   Well, FYI what I had was pure synthetic 5meo, which I'd say what you had with phalaris might have additional alkaloids go into.  From what I read MAOIs seem to be a no no with 5meo, but I suppose syrian rue could be ok since you went through it.  Would you be willing to share about the dosage ranges and how much time back in 3D was the trip lasted? 

Hi all, I'd like to share with you of my first experience where I found it to be quite powerful as well as unique in many ways.  An opportunity to partake 5meo ceremony in a facilitated setting presented to me earlier this year before the lock down.  The God molecule had came into my awareness for weeks and I felt my personal progress was ready for a real step up.  So within a short notice and finally made up my mind to commit to the trip, I made all the necessary arrangements within days.  Thus embarked on a journey that'd shift my reality to a whole'nother level. 

Of course I got rather apprehensive right before my session.  Even though I had experienced other psychedelics, I had read and watch enough to know that it is in its own category.  Ready or not, it is time to surrender.  I sit on the mat and my trusted facilitator lit the glass bulb and I slowly draw in the smoke of the whole 10mg, which was not harsh at all to my surprise.  I held the smoke in and with the help of facilitator I laid down and closed my eyes.  Within secs, I perceived a faint glow of purple geometric pattern in my mind's eye.  At that moment my ego was gone without even knowing.  According to others, I immediately sat up and started all kinds of movements and even stood up. 

For a while my psyche was totally dissolved.  Only minutes when my awareness returns, I was in a completely white space and been shown various past experiences (by my guide?) a presence I perceived but was not able to identify.  The moment I understood the theme of the messages why these experiences were shown to me, everything went away, and it was that moment, if you will, a significant satori.  The realization that certain pattern play through my life over and over where it is time to see it and uproot the unnecessary baggage per se.  And it is at that moment my soul or perhaps a deeper part of self felt and experienced the sudden expansion of freedom, the release - I regain my awareness of my body and at the same time let out the pent up energies through my voice, my movements and through all the senses.  It was a catharsis with tremendous freedom and joy in the realization. 

It is the comprehension, or a bit more understanding of what is the state of pure awareness as well as being in the moment now.  I feel this journey was comparable to many years of inner work if it's even possible to compare.  Not surprisingly, these words only paint an inadequate picture of the whole experience.  Nevertheless, it is my attempt to provide a positive account to what this amazing molecule can have.  In my case, it is one of the major turning points in life (for the better!) that I'd never forget.  Every time I go back to the moments, my gratitude overflows for having such opportunity to experience and receive through this powerful molecule that has been given to us.  I wonder how much deeper can I go with this fascinating dmt and that fuels my excitements for the future. 


Introductions/Newbies / I am near the truth that I can almost
« on: April 28, 2020, 06:31:26 AM »
Hi all,

Had my first 5 journey earlier this year after weeks of putting forth intention and curiosity.  It was truly out of the body experience.  Yet so much more to discover with this amazing molecule.  So here I am...

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