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Does this resonate with you?

Started by Bancopuma, April 27, 2018, 05:56:32 PM

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I felt compelled to share this here as I felt it may be of interest to some members of this forum, I feel this guy did a very very good job at translating a small slither of the truly ineffable into words in a very eloquent and succinct manner. Not only that, but his insights and perspective on the 5-MeO-DMT breakthrough experience and its implications completely and utterly resonate with my own based on my own experiences. The insight of the 5-MeO-DMT breakthrough for me was honestly bigger and more profound than I imagine encountering an intelligent alien species in the flesh to be. The source of these words is Guy Crittenden (relevant article on his 5-MeO experience is linked below) from a post on the 'Toad & 5-MeO-DMT Forum & Support group' on facebook (I asked his permission to share his words).

His website:

"Something I'm thinking about a lot these days is the epistemology implied by DMT. My experiences with both N.N.DMT and 5-MeO-DMT were not only paradigm-shifting but paradigm shattering.

I was thankful for years of reading (accompanied by some practice) in Buddhism and meditation, which gave me at least some means to interpret my experience. I've been inspired to start deeply studying Shaiva Tantra, and Advaita Vedanta (Indian non-dualism philosophy) and modern nondual teachers such as Rupert Spira and Tony Parsons.
It seems to me that this most powerful of psychedelic chemicals can reveal to a person dimensions of reality that were previously the exclusive purview of saints and sages — insights arrived at in ancient (and even more recent) times only after years of yoga, meditation or ascetic practice (along with some use of entheogens in some places, no doubt). I directly encountered what some people call God, though it was nothing like the "God" I'd eschewed when I was an atheist. It was an encounter with fundamental reality, some sort of plenum or fundamental ground of being, a cosmic OM or vibration. And it wasn't so much that I "encountered" this state but became it, and was already (in fact) it. This is something quite staggering to drop on an unprepared person. Imagine someone with an entirely materialist view of reality — a Richard Dawkins kind of dogma — suddenly having all illusion vanish in an instant, and being plunged into the deepest core of pure being!

I think this is not only important territory for psychonauts to explore and map out, but crucial information for all humanity. In a world on the brink both militarily and environmentally, these insights appear to be both important and importantly timed. Is it mere coincidence that at the very moment when the insight that "we are all one" — apparently different manifestations of a single universal consciousness — is most needed, a technology for experiencing Samadhi states and gaining that insight quickly (DMT) and not after years of living in a monastery or cave appears and becomes widespread?

I think not."

...wondering, to what extent (if any), this person's insights on the 5-MeO experience and its implications resonate with others here?