Author Topic: My 5MEO DMT Breakthrough Experience - Oneness with ALL (All is LOVE)  (Read 4576 times)

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I was recently blessed to have the most profound experience of my life on this planet and I'm honored to consider you a friend who would be open to letting me share it with you.

This was my first 5meo breakthrough ... and here I will  attempt to describe the indescribable.

Here is my video report of this experience:

OK, here I go.

First of all: Inhale... slowly  fully hold, now nothing... Surrender / Release, Light, Love, Flow, Dissolution, Disintegration, Integration / Oneness, All, Nothingness, Unity Consciousness, Source.

And then... welcome back. What  now?

The guide offering this medicine tuned  into where my "head" was at and felt where my energy was moving and our  conversation before this experience was simply perfect. What was meant  to be.

I was in such a good place to receive the gift of the toad by the  time I inhaled the medicine... "Nothing is in this pipe but pure love."

More words for what has no words: After inhaling a  wave / surge of intense light / LOVE / energy rushed over me - into  me - through me - with me and I flowed into it... becoming it. I am that. I am.

No  time. No thought. No senses. No memories. One with all nothing void everything peace love light awareness consciousness emptiness eternity.

Coming back to physical awareness 15 minutes later? (or after an eternity of 'no time') I remember sitting up as if in a dream, looking at my guide and chanting intensely "LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!" feeling the words vibrate through me rather than my speaking them. I NEEDED to move that energy through me! And then I collapsed... spent.

Once I became aware of my body again the first words I remember saying: "I just want to LOVE more."

And then it  hit me... intense deep heart-felt true belly laughter! For several  minutes I couldn't stop laughing until my abs hurt and my eyes teared.  "I get it!" LMFAO!

"So that's it?" I asked him. "Yes, that's it," he laughed.
"So... all that to come back around to see what already is. I mean... that's always already been this. It IS what it IS."

The Cosmic Joke. So fkn brilliant, hilarious, beautiful and simple. I love it. I really truly love this life.

And I LOVE you.
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Remember. Be Here Now.

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Re: My 5MEO DMT Breakthrough Experience - Oneness with ALL (All is LOVE)
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Thank you for sharing :)

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Re: My 5MEO DMT Breakthrough Experience - Oneness with ALL (All is LOVE)
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Just wow, Josh...  thank you so much for your enthusiasm and humble honesty.  I love you too, you are so inspired.  Deep bow, my brother. 

Into the blinding expanse of interdimmensional starlight, the effulgence from which we all have originated, we arise in complete splendor.  Thus, returning to the remembrance of eternal awakening (to this single moment within the illusion of time), we dissolve into ecstasy. 

Deepest bow, broadest smile and joyous laughter...  born anew within my blossoming heart, I do offer my warmest, most heartfelt salutations.   I am myself, patiently awaiting the Sacred anointment, one as soulful as you have so sincerely described, herein. 

<3  "Soon, oh soon the light..."  <3
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There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.