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General Discussion / Building up tolerance
« on: January 27, 2018, 08:47:05 PM »
This is my first post so I'll give a little background.
I had my first experience with synthetic 5 about five months ago. I began doing a session every two days for a few weeks. I took a few months off as my provider was out of town. A few months ago at an aya retreat I did four doses of toad. Finally about three weeks ago I ordered a gram of 5meo hcl and embarked on daily use. My typical session is three or four rounds with the goal of full release doses. I don't have a scale so my reference is eyeball on a knife tip. so in two weeks I've almost gone through the gram and the portions seem around double from when I started.
I'm very conscious of the addiction issue. My goals are to heal some trauma and address negative patterns in my life. I'm not trying to escape reality, rather come to terms with it.
My question is has anybody experienced a build up of tolerance? I was under the impression this was not possible.
Any comments are welcome.

Introductions/Newbies / Intro
« on: January 26, 2018, 03:48:29 PM »
Happy to find this forum as a new 5 user.
I've been using Martin balls books as my foundation and just keeping an open mind.
My use is relatively high. I decided to make it a daily practice for the short term in dealing with challenging a life situation. I look forward to learning and sharing on this site. I'm in northern Canada, where we have a small group of reality seekers working with various medicines.

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