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I tried to post

Started by jamis macniven, August 01, 2019, 06:32:35 PM

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jamis macniven

I tried to post but I must be missing a step as I was blocked. I have not previously posted. I am registered.

Moby Dick


Hi Jamis

I just copied this from the pinned welcome post:

To enter the golden gateway, please write an opening post here, in introductions. This will give you access to the forum, & freedom to post in all areas.

You will be required to fill out the verification code for a total of 5 posts. From then on, you are free to write here sans a screening protocol.

Thank you for joining us. We look forward to your essential contribution to the whole.

NOTE: This is a place for an intro, please save questions you may have for the questions section.

—surrender completes us—