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I feel much the same, I did mine alone, a tea of turkey red phalaris after Syrian rue extract. I was in the blazing white fractal place where I relived so many experiences from my past and shown all the lies I ever believed, harm I'd ever done to anyone etc. Came out of it in the fetal position and cried hard . the feeling of reverence for this grass and the experience was enormous.
I am try to reproduce it now, trying to find the grass again. Thanks for sharing your experience!
Last night I had a very intense experience very similar to the overwhelming explosion of the 5MEO experience. I'd been working with my phalaris plants several times yesterday, observing them very closely and. =feeling= them intimately, I just felt this day I should be paying close attention to them. On going to bed last night I was recapitulating my last experience ( I'd done this several times over the day) settling into my pillow I did this again and the feeling of death speeding towards me like the 5MEO does happened. The intensity of this grew to the point I felt fear and then it was like I was back in the space.  Not nearly as overwhelming as my last experience but it was very strong sensation.
It honestly makes me want to go back there. Ive ordered what are said to be Turkey Red phalaris seeds and I PRAY they are the same as the one I grew in the past.
Introductions/Newbies / Re: New to forum, Hello!
February 12, 2019, 01:20:58 PM
well I didn't do an extract, I made tea from like I think an ounce or two of grass mixed with harmala, I only guessed how much I should use and I'm kinda glad I didn't use a lot more! I have a plant now that is suposedly turkey red but I'm not positive, if anyone has the ORIGINAL turkey red that actually contained 5 I'd be interested in trade or something. Don't know that I'd try it like a brew again since the content is so variable there is no way to gauge  your experience, I spent a LOT of time with the grass back then, so I guess I had a good feel for how much was appropriate.
Introductions/Newbies / Re: New to forum, Hello!
February 02, 2019, 12:48:31 PM
my experience shows it's DEFINITELY valuable, with the right strain and treatment.
I've tried plugging with other substances in the past and have also found that it seems the effects are greater than other methods of ingestion with the same amount. After a few times of trying this the "taboo" part of putting something up your rear end kinda just disappears, I imagine one could Do this with Ayahuasca and that would forgo the horrible taste alone, which might significantly alter the experience. I don't mind intense bitterness but know many have a pretty hard time with it. I would like to have mu next 5meo experience like this considering your description of the onset, though I doubt it would work unless one had hcl salt of the substance. 
Introductions/Newbies / New to forum, Hello!
February 01, 2019, 12:20:07 PM
I'm Omnislug, In Oregon Now, lots of experience with plants/entheogens since I left how at 19 after graduating. Spent years living in the high desert of New Mexico exploring with Ayahuasca and other plant based medicine for personal growth and to heal trauma from my past. Did endless research learning the plants at that time, Reading Carlos Castaneda's books, 5 times over, and learned something new every time I re-read it. Ended up growing Turkey Red Phalaris years ago and that is where my interest here begins, I was COMPLETELY, COMPLETELY destroyed by >GRASS!!< before I even knew what to expect I was chewed up in gods mouth, spat out at lightspeed or more where I was completely blinded by raging incandescence all the while recapitulating all the harm I ever did to anyone/any thing in minute detail, as well as all the trauma ever done to me and all the lies I ever believed all ultra-fast-forwarded at me like a funneled nuclear blast to the head. Woke up in a fetal position on the floor where I cried waterfalls for the next hour at least.  Wouldn't take it back for a winning lottery ticket!

I love fishing/camping/foraging/blacksmithing/dreaming/my lady and all the wonderous plants I've had the blessing of knowing. I look forward to lots of reading here and learning.
Thank you for the Hive!