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I recently had my first sessions with 5 and am happy to have found this Forum to bounce some thoughts and feelings around here.

I had waited 3 years to do this medicine and I am now sure as to why I waited. I did 2 rounds of insufflation of 5mg then 15 minutes later, 7.5mg. Right after insufflating the 7.5 I totally blanked out and then caught myself catapulted at light speed towards complete unknown. My authentic self and its voice found me(no idea how long this took) and told me I had to come back or I would be lost in this void forever. There was no support even though I was with a group of 8 others and when needing help they were busy with another participant as there were only 2 people supporting.

As I started to come back, yet still very deep in the medicine, I was completely disregulated and sweating profusely. I literally sweated out my clothes and within an hour they were dry again. I fortunately had a litre of water with me and that was consumed during the latter part of this session. I was in and out over approx. 1hr to 1hr 15minutes till I started to settle again. I have no idea where I went other then I truly felt I was going towards insanity. I have done Ayahuasca in a therapeutic setting over the last 10 years and only purged at this level once before in an 8 day Dieta with Rose and Hawthorne with 3 sessions of Aya. I have had difficult sessions yet nothing like this ever came through. Doing 5 was so intense in this way for me!  After this initial experience I wasn't sure I wanted to do any more medicine yet I calmed my system enough to feel into doing it with a small amount and felt that I would be ok with smoking one hit of 5-6mg that was dosed out in a water pipe. This session was after a break of around 30 minutes and was much gentler even though I felt the sensation of getting launched and then ever so quickly coming back with tears of gratitude coming through. I have little memory of where I went in this second session yet did not feel any related panic or terror I felt in the insufflation process.

I would love to hear more about others experiences and am definitely open to share more of my experience here. I have been left feeling confused yet coming back to curiosity now as I resettle into my day to day. I am also able to admit that I had a lot going on in my personal life, being with a complete set of strangers, and being in a big city and its collective energy definitely played into this. I have also been very cognizant of the sheer lack of integration process. I had to call the person who offered the session to share and query what had happened as I felt I had been given too much. It took me a few days to find the words to share that allowed me to see and feel what was and is my own experience.

Thanks for any helpful thoughts and/or direction as I am still very open to doing more of this medicine, building up over time.
Introductions/Newbies / Hello from the North
January 04, 2022, 01:33:18 PM
I have been curious about 'non ordinary states of consciousness' for quite some time and have been working with Holotropic Breathwork, Aya, Psilocybin, and a myriad of healing chemistry compounds over the last 12 years. I am very intrigued by 5meo and am here to learn from others experiences and the wisdom that has come through in their unique and authentic ways. Really happy to have found this site! Thank you to the creators and to those willing to share their journeys and lessons.