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Very cool post, thanks!

However the dosage you mention: ".007 micro milligrams of toad venom" doesn't really compute

Based on your report, I wonder if your dose was actually say 70 mg. of toad venom?

I am excited to connect on this forum. As of now, I've experienced toad/5meo three times, all in the last 6 months; the first two were in the 30 mg. range--quite powerful and once 10 days ago that was in 100 mg range and beyond powerful.

After this experience I have a definitive touchstone to the reality that all is one/oneness is the base, the truth, the essence the only thing that is...
I'm very thankful for the opportunity to have this experience which feels like it has been an enormous benefit.

Last week I attended the Exploring Psychedelics conference in Oregon which was really cool, great attendance, good presentations and nice energy. In July there will be the first World Bufo Alvarius Congress in Mexico City which I hope to attend:

I hope to learn and share on you on this forum. It feels like the toad and the molecule are coming forward at this time for a big healing for those who are truly ready for it.

Peace and light,