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Smell of the toad sacrament flashbacks

Started by GuyCrittenden, July 09, 2017, 08:35:34 AM

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Has anyone else experienced what I'm experiencing? By which I mean that more than a week after using the toad sacrament I regularly experience the smell of the smoke very powerfully, like someone lit a pipe right under my nose!

It's so powerful that I stop what I'm doing and sit and inhale the odour. It reminds me powerfully of the experience, and is so vivid I find myself looking around to see if someone is smoking it nearby, when the circumstance makes it impossible.

The other night I was screening the film Dying to Know about the friendship between Timothy Leary and Ram Dass. Throughout the film I strongly smelled the toad medicine to the extent that I periodically paused the film. My two guests smelled nothing unusual.

Im not sharing this because I find the experience objectionable. I actually like it. But it ranks among the strangest phenomena I've ever encountered with a psychedelic!


Yes, this happens periodically for me. The aroma has now become a natural & familiar part of my life.

I also have the same with Dimitri .. & sometimes with Madre. Perhaps it is to do with the considered notion of 're-activation'.

I have a sense my body is doing something fresh (creating its own 5 experience), & as such .. it may well be I am smelling the flush of new ways of being ..

I would love a neuro-scientist to kick in with info here .. are we smelling our own chemical evolution? Or perhaps we are simply now aware of a scent / essence that has always been present .. & we required fine-tuning to grock this.

Rising Spirit

While I still remain a 5-MeO virgin, I agree that there is something about our remembrance and re-experiencing of the sights, sounds and aromas associated with our most cherished entheogens. I liken it to an echo of the primary catalyst and source of the self-shattering experience. 
There is no self to which I cling, for I am one with everything.


Can you describe how the smell is like? There are flowers (in spring such as hawthorn) and odors that resemble that of toad. Just to know if I am at the same level as you concerning this.